The Theory Of Evolution is a Belief System, not a Science

Galaxies Evolution is not a single science which can be studied in a laboratory, but a whole list of beliefs as long as infinity. For example, we have listed a very few of the beliefs that Evolutionists teach as fact.

Evolutionists believe, amongst many other things, that:

      1. The whole Universe arose, by chance, at an event widely known as the “”Big Bang.”
      2. All of the matter in the Universe was contained, before the “Big Bang” in a “singularity.”
      3. The “singularity” was infinitesimally small, incredibly heavy, and created itself!
      4. The “Big Bang” happened purely by chance, approximately 13.75 billion years ago
      5. The “Big Bang” was the origin not only of matter, but of Space, Time, and Energy.
      6. Space, Time, and Energy evolved simultaneously, all by chance, and all out of a “singularity,” which was infinitesimally small.
      7. All of the 118 known elements elements evolved from Hydrogen and Helium, the elements of the Sun, a process known as “Chemical Evolution.”
      8. The incredibly complex Galaxies, Solar System, the Sun, the Stars, Planets, moons around the planets, comets, asteroids, and space dust all evolved by pure chance. They all evolved from an initial source known as a “singularity.” This process is known as “Stellar and Planetary Evolution”.
      9. The incredibly complex orbits of all known space bodies in the solar system, such as the planets, all occurred purely by chance.
      10. The vast number of incredibly finely tuned parameters necessary for life on Planet Earth all evolved simultaneously and correctly, purely by chance.
      11. Here is a very short list of just a few of these parameters, although there are millions of them:
        • The temperature
        • The magnetic field
        • The partial pressure of all gases
        • The rotation period of the Earth
        • The gravitational forces in the Universe
        • The water vapour saturation
        • The availability of natural resources
      12. There are literally millions of other finely tuned and interdependent parameters, which all have zero variation tolerance to maintain life.
      13. According to Evolution this amazing number of interdependent parameters all spontaneously generated, perfect for life, with no error at all, purely by chance.
      14. After this “self generation” of the Universe, “Primitive Life” arose, by chance, out of the “primordial ooze” some time after the Evolution of Planet Earth, 4.54 million years ago. This process is known as “Spontaneous Generation.”
      15. Nobody has ever seen life arising from an inanimate object, but Evolutionists insist this happened. This happened purely by chance, according to Evolutionists.
      16. According to Evolution, “Primitive Life Forms” arose from inanimate matter, which contradicts the Laws of Biogenesis.
      17. DNA Helix We would like to point out that all life forms contain DNA, the most highly complicated information storage medium ever known to mankind. No life form containing DNA could possibly be called “Primitive Life Forms” by anyone other than an Evolutionist!
      18. This highly complex DNA, the incredibly complex design code used by all living creatures, also arose by chance, according to Evolution, by “Spontaneous Generation.”
      19. According to Sir Fred Hoyle, and many other scientists, this is impossible. Please see below under Quotes From Famous Scientists Who Do Not Believe Evolution
      20. Purely by chance, DNA, within the incredibly complex cells of all living organisms, could communicate with messenger RNA (called mRNA) so that perfect amino acids could be manufactured within all cells.
      21. In other words the two design codes, DNA and mRNA, independently arose by chance, by Spontaneous Generation, with inbuilt messenger codes that, y chance, were identical!
      22. As well as spontaneously generating themselves, DNA and mRNA were independently able to transmit and receive highly sophisticated messages to each other about the manufacture of highly specialised amino acids, all purely by chance!
      23. The specialised manufacture of all other cells within all living organisms all “Spontaneously Generated” independently, simultaneously, and all by chance!
      24. These cells included specialised cells such as skin cells, muscle cells, blood cells, brain cells, eye cells, liver cells, kidney cells, bone cells, and reproductive cells (to name just a few).
      25. The cells that had spontaneously generated could spontaneously communicate with each other, purely by chance.
      26. The ability of all living organisms to manufacture, replicate and repair highly specialised cells also arose, by chance.
      27. Let us take the Spontaneous Generation of the eye, as an example. According to Evolution:
        • The cells of the cornea miraculously became transparent, permitting the passage of light, purely by chance.
        • Simultaneously highly sophisticated rods and cones developed within the retinas of the eyes of all living organisms, purely by chance.
        • These rods and cones spontaneously developed the ability to encode light into electrical impulses, which then travelled along the self manufactured Optic Nerves, which also arose spontaneously and simultaneously,and purely by chance.
        • Highly sophisticated cells within the Cerebral Cortex simultaneously spontaneously develop.
        • These highly specialised, self generating cells of the Cerebral Cortex could interpret these electrical impulses, and convert these electrical signals into stereoscopic sight, purely by chance.
        • The stereoscopic sight could then be interpreted by other self generating, highly sophisticated brain cells of the Cerebral Cortex, in a highly developed independent function called Thought and Subconscious Awareness.
        • The self generating higher cortical functions, thought and Subconscious Awareness, then influences the other Higher Cortical thoughts, and movements, both voluntary, and involuntary, of the whole body.
        • The whole brain, the most highly developed computer system known to man, also self generated independently, simultaneously, and perfect at the very first attempt, purely by chance.
        • The above is an incredibly simplified model of eyesight, which we all use every moment of our waking lives without thinking about it.
        • Evolution teaches that this amazing chain of “spontaneous and totally arbitrary events” occurred purely by chance.
      28. Each cell in the human body is vitally dependent on other cells to survive, but, according to Evolution, this perfectly structured interdependent system all evolved simultaneously, perfectly functional and integrated, and purely by chance.
      29. For example, a brain cell needs oxygen to survive for more than a few seconds, and is vitally dependent on the respiratory system and the circulatory system to provide that oxygen.
      30. During the supposed millions of years required for the Evolutionary process to occur there was no room for error at all, or the brain cells would die.
      31. However, according to Evolution this was no problem, because the Circulatory Systems and the Respiratory Systems all spontaneously self-generated, by chance, at exactly the same time, as well as all the physical structures to support these complex systems.
      32. To ensure adequate oxygen supply to the brain cells, there was spontaneous generation of the alveoli, lungs, bronchial tubes, trachea, heart, blood vessels, capillaries, the blood-oxygen brain barrier, the specialised haemoglobin to carry the oxygen, and the blood itself.
      33. According to Evolution, all of these structures and systems all developed, by chance, perfectly integrated, simultaneously, and working perfectly first time!
      34. We would like to point out that there was no room for error at all. For example:
        • Without oxygen, brain cells die almost immediately.
        • Unless all of the systems involved with eyesight evolved absolutely perfectly first time, no eyesight is possible, and the life form would be blind.
        • Unless the Reproductive Systems of both males and females of all living species of all living animals, birds, fish, insects, and humans all evolved absolutely correctly, with perfect recognition of their own life forms, but rejection of all other life forms, then Reproduction is impossible.
        • This list is virtually without end, so we will leave the reader to think of all the other limitless “coincidences” that Evolution encompasses, all supposedly according to Chance.
      35. Evolution teaches that all Anatomical, Physiological and Biochemical systems necessary for life, all spontaneously generated by chance, all perfectly functional, perfectly interdependent, and all by chance.
      36. All the oxygen necessary for the survival of all animal life spontaneously arose, by chance.
      37. All living organisms breathe in and metabolise oxygen, and exhale the waste products of combustion, carbon dioxide.
      38. All plant cells do precisely the opposite, maintaining the equilibrium.
      39. This amazing interdependent process, vital for all life, providentially also spontaneously arose purely by chance.
      40. Chlorophyll in all vegetable matter harnesses the energy of the Sun, to manufacture vegetable plant structures and energy, and produces oxygen as a waste product.
      41. This oxygen is vital for the life of all animal life forms. However, according to Evolutionists, this happened simultaneously, perfectly developed, at exactly the right time, and purely by chance. How very convenient and fortuitous for Evolution!
      42. According to Evolution, “Primitive Life Forms” evolved very slowly.
      43. We would like to point out that all of these “Primitive Life Forms” contain DNA, the most complex computer storage medium known to man, as well as the incredibly complex biochemical systems within each single cell.
      44. By no stretch of any imagination could any life form be regarded as “Primitive”.
      45. According to Evolution, “Complex Life Forms” arose by a process of Evolution known as Natural Selection, so that “poorly adapted” life forms could be removed by predators from the “Evolutionary Process”.
      46. According to Evolution, “Primitive Life Forms” such as fish were subjected to the processes of Natural Selection, so that they evolved into more complex life forms, such as reptiles, mammals, and birds.
      47. According to Evolution, eventually man evolved from the apes, through a series of intermediate forms.
      48. According to Evolutionists, the whole process of Evolution was incredibly slow, and took millions of years, which is why nobody has ever actually seen one species of animal, fish or bird evolve into another species.
      49. Evolutionists claim that Evolution is slowly happening all the time.
      50. According to Evolutionists, the reason that Evolution cannot be observed in any zoo, farm, or household, let alone in the wild, is because Evolution happens so slowly that nobody has ever observed it.
      51. According to the Theory of Evolution new species of animals, birds and fish should be found all the time, or at least one every few years.
      52. We would like to point out that certain wildlife trusts exist world-wide to protect the number of threatened and endangered species of animals, birds, and fish.
      53. The total number of species is actually declining every year, in spite of Evolution, which is supposed to produce new species!
      54. All species of animals and humans are commonly seen in different forms, although nobody has eve seen a single species of any living organism change into another species!
      55. We should clarify that we do NOT include micro-Evolution, which is variations within kinds of species, such as different species of dogs, cats, and horses, amongst many others.
      56. Charles Darwin wrote an interesting book in 1859, “The Origin of the Species” about the length and breadth of the beaks of 14 endemic varieties of finches in the Galapagos Islands.
      57. Charles Darwin’s famous book certainly proved beyond doubt Micro-Evolution (discussed below), but certainly did not prove either the Origin of Life or Macro-Evolution (discussed below) from one species to another, as is commonly supposed.
      58. There was also an interesting study on pepper moths, with light and dark coloured wings.
      59. These moths are known as Typica and Melanic pepper moths, and this study also proved Micro-Evolution, and also Natural Selection of species poorly adapted to their environment, but certainly not Macro-Evolution.
      60. This study on moths demonstrated the process of Natural Selection of pepper moths poorly adapted for their environments, or variation within a kind, known as Micro-Evolution.

The above list contains just a very few of the very long list of interdependent beliefs that Evolutionists maintain are fact, and are taught as fact in virtually all schools and universities in the Western world.

  • The above list could be literally extended to infinity, but we have chosen to highlight a few of the infinite number of beliefs that Evolutionists teach as proven fact.
  • Evolutionists tend to believe that their World View is the only view that is consistent with Science.

Of all of the above points, only the points concerning Micro-Evolution can be the subject of serious scientific study, since they are the only points that can be replicated in controlled and non-prejudiced, repeatable trials.

    • The Theory of Evolution is a Theory according to its name.
    • Because all of the teachings of Evolution cannot be proved or disproved, Evolution is a belief system, not a science.

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