What Happens after we die? Heaven or Hell?

 Dr Richard Kent has interviewed over 300 individuals who have died following gunshot wounds, suicides, road traffic accidents, drownings, death on the ooperating table, death during childbirth etc. 

Some people even have their Death Certificates! 

Although the individuals have never met, these Near Death Experiences of Heaven and Hell are almost identical, not only with each other, but also with the Biblical descriptions of Heaven and Hell.

Dr Richard Kent has written two books, The Final Frontier, and Beyond The Final Frontier, on this one subject, and two films, The Lazarus Phenomenon and, The Final Frontier Movie have been made directly from his books, all available free on this website.

Richard’s first book, The Final Frontier, published by HarperCollins, was a Christian best-seller in 1997. 

Richard has taught on this, and many other subjects, in 27 countries. 

Richard was also a TV presenter on Revelation TV, a Christian TV channel, for 10 years.

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Dr. Richard Kent

Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor, a former TV presenter on Revelation TV, an international speaker and evangelist, and author of three books on Near Death Experiences.

Richard is married to Val, and they have three daughters, all happily married, with eight grandchildren.

Richard was a keen marathon runner!

Free E-books

– The Final Frontier

Where do we go when we die? Are there really such place as Heaven and Hell? Within these pages are the testimonies of 25 individuals who have had near-death and after-death experiences.

– Beyond The Final Frontier

The phenomenon of Near Death Experiences continues to fascinate us. What is it that people see and feel as they stand at the brink of life? And do their experiences offer any evidence of an afterlife?