Pastor Hugh Jackman, Revelation TV

Dear Richard, what a marvellous job you are doing as a TV presenter on Revelation TV! You are such an encourager yourself, but I just felt this morning that we all need to encourage you! You have such a wonderful TV presence on Revelation TV! You always come across as a truly kind and loving Christian man with buckets of patience and love wrapped in the character of Christ. I always look forward to seeing your kind face on the TV screen and you are so much loved by the viewers. Bless you dear brother keep it up! Also we thank God for lovely Birgit as well she is a consummate presenter with a true heart from God. I will send her a separate email. Love you both. Pastor Hugh Jackman, Revelation TV.

Evangelism in Death Row, New Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philippines

We visited the Death Row block. We found 120 prisoners awaiting the Death Penalty, kept separate from the others, in a low very dark room, with bunk beds 3 tiers high, and an open toilet. They had no access to the outside. Among the 120 prisoners in the “cage” we met the twelve prisoners immediately awaiting execution. Richard presented his first book on Heaven and Hell to the young man due to be executed next. He seemed delighted and wanted Richard to talk to all of the other 120 condemned prisoners straight away. They were very keen to hear about Salvation and the Baptism of the Spirit. Within a short time they were all born again, and singing together beautifully in the Spirit, as well as the guards. Pastor Gordon Smith, Senior Pastor, UK Evangelism to Death Row and Maximum Security in the Philippines.

Pastor Lucas Dungatan, Death Row and Maximum Security, Philippines

This is to express our heartfelt gratitude for sending Dr. Richard Kent and Rev. Roger French to our country to minister to us spiritually and materially. We would like you to know that these servants of God, while here, used most of their time sharing the Gospel to the prison inmates, and prayed with them. They preached in different churches inside Death Row , the Maximum Security prison compound, in the Medium Security compound, and in the Correctional Institution for Women. Many prisoners received the Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour following their evangelism. Christian inmate prisoners were encouraged and empowered by their preaching and teachings. Glory to God! Dr. Kent and Rev. French also conducted seminars which are attended by more than a hundred Pastors and Christian Workers from the different churches of the province of Laguna, and they also sponsored a feeding program for about 100 school children. We would like to express also our deepest gratitude for the material blessings that were provided for us through Dr. Kent’s Final Frontier Charitable Trust Fund. These included a 10 seater Diesel Vehicle, a 24 seater Jeepney, a motorbike, much other equipment and other financial support. Pastor Lucas Dungatan, Jeruel Institute of Theology, Death Row and Maximum Security New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa, Manila, Philippines.

Pastor Holmes Williams, Senior Pastor, People’s Cathedral, Barbados

I am happy to introduce to you Dr. Richard Kent, an outstanding physician in the U.K. and personal friend who has been associated with this ministry for many years. Richard is one of the most exciting and successful soul-winners I have encountered in over 40 years of ministry. In addition to ministry in The People’s Cathedral on a number of occasions, he has conducted crusades in several islands in the West Indies, also in the USA, South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Malta, India, Pakistan, the Philippines and the U.K. He has written two outstanding books – “The Final Frontier” and “Beyond the Final Frontier” which have been a tremendous blessing. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Richard Kent to your organisation, being confident that he will make a valuable contribution and be an outstanding blessing. Pastor Holmes Williams, Senior Pastor, People’s Cathedral, Barbados E-mail: (People’s Cathedral is one of the largest Pentecostal churches in the Eastern Caribbean, with over 3000 members)

Pastor Wayne Webster, People’s Cathedral, Barbados

I am happy to introduce to you Dr. Richard Kent, an outstanding physician in the U.K. and personal friend who has been associated with this ministry for many years. Richard is one of the most exciting and successful soul-winners I have encountered in over 40 years of ministry. In addition to ministry in The People’s Cathedral on a number of occasions, he has conducted crusades in several islands in the West Indies, also in the USA, South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Malta, India, Pakistan, the Philippines and the U.K. He has written two outstanding books – “The Final Frontier” and “Beyond the Final Frontier” which have been a tremendous blessing. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Richard Kent to your organisation, being confident that he will make a valuable contribution and be an outstanding blessing. Pastor Holmes Williams, Senior Pastor, People’s Cathedral, Barbados E-mail: (People’s Cathedral is one of the largest Pentecostal churches in the Eastern Caribbean, with over 3000 members)This is to confirm that Dr. Richard Kent has made at least 5 separate visits to our church, The People’s Cathedral, in Barbados for ministry. During the recent visit he conducted about 10 PowerPoint presentations, all of which were excellent and well received. I must mention that he is a prolific soul winner, and is always talking to people everywhere about the Lord. I consider him to be one of the greatest soul winners I have ever met, and I have been in the Ministry for 35 years. He does not just talk about evangelism – he does it on a daily basis, and as a way of life. The very fact that we keep inviting him back says volumes as to how well liked he is. His lectures/presentations included topics such as “Evangelism is easy”, “Creation vs. Evolution”, “Noah’s Ark”, “The Ark of the Covenant”, “Miracles”, “The Credibility of the Bible ” and others. He also spoke in our Bible College and to a Ladies’ Bible Study group. Richard is very well liked and admired, and his lectures are fascinating and interesting. Richard is also the easiest speaker to have around, as he never makes any demands, and is so easy to please. It is always a joy to have him in our church. I can recommend Dr. Richard Kent as one of the kindest and most Christ-like Christians I have ever met, and all of his PowerPoint lectures are outstanding. We consider him as one of our members. Rev. Wayne Webster, Assistant Pastor, The People’s Cathedral, P.O.Box 636c, Barbados. West Indies.

Rev Dr. Asher Saleem, Pakistan:

We came to know Dr. Richard Kent through Pastor Derek Walker of Oxford, England. Dr. Richard visited us and stayed at our home for two weeks. During his stay we found him the most co-operative guest we have ever had. Rather we felt that he was a family member. He gave different PowerPoint presentations in our two churches in Lahore and Quetta. Many people received salvation after these presentations. Dr. Richard never demanded anything from us. Rather he came to help our church, and there has been growth in our church after his visit. It is his vision to go around the world to help different churches by giving away his PowerPoint presentations on different subjects. He also gave us his CDs and books for our church. Rev Dr. Asher Saleem, Principal Pastor, Shekinah Bible Institute, Senior Pastor, Shekinah Bible churches, Lahore, Pakistan.

Ian Dowding, Florida

I am writing to introduce you to Dr. Richard Kent who has been invited to be in the Fire Team at the Orlando World Convention. Richard was also one of the main speakers at the Caribbean Regional Convention. When you meet Richard you will quickly discover that he is a devoted street evangelist. To him it is like breathing air – he lives to lead people to Jesus at hotels, restaurants and in the street. He has co-authored two books, “The Final Frontier” and ” Beyond the Final Frontier” in which he documents testimonies of individuals who had Near Death Experiences. If you get a moment you can visit his website at  . You will enjoy having Dr Richard Kent with you. Blessings be multiplied to you. Ian Dowding. National President. FGBMFI. Barbados.

Rev. Abel Govender, South Africa

It gives me great joy to write to you about our dear friends Dr. Richard and Val Kent. Their visit to South Africa was a tremendous blessing to thousands of Christians who have had the privilege to hear them speak. Topics that have made a profound impact on Christians and non-Christians alike included: Scientific Evidence for Biblical Creation, Supernatural Origin of the Bible, End Time Prophesy, The Shroud of Turin and Abortion. I have just named a few topics that Richard speaks on during his evangelistic trips. Undoubtedly, the information shared by him is what the church around the world needs to hear. It will not leave the hearers the same after they have seen and heard what our faith is all about. Richard speaks with clarity and passion on these subjects and I would highly recommend his ministry to anyone who is serious about their faith in Jesus Christ. Richard is a retired medical doctor and his wife Val is a qualified nurse. As Christian leaders in South Africa, we would love to have them back anytime! Their itinerary is a demanding one and we pray that the Lord will keep them in good health as they travel around the world bringing the Good News to those who are unsaved, and challenging the saved to live a committed life in Christ. God bless you! Your brother in Christ, Rev. Abel Govender, General Secretary, Africa Pastors Forum, Johannesburg, South Africa.

School Evangelism, Trinidad

Dr Richard Kent visited my church, Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries, for three weeks. During that time, I had the privilege of working closely with him in the area of school evangelism. We visited several schools in South Trinidad. He was well received by the Principal and staff of the schools. In every instance, he was allowed to speak to the students at their School’s Assembly, which in most cases consisted of the entire school population. The gospel was shared without compromise and those present were invited to repeat the Sinner’s Prayer. In recent years, it has become difficult to get into the schools for the purpose of evangelism, so to see the response he got to the Gospel in our Nation’s schools was overwhelming for me. His books, ‘The Final Frontier’ and ‘Beyond The Final Frontier’, were given as gifts to the principals and donated to the school libraries. I am certain that through these books many more will come to know Christ. The movie, ‘The Lazarus Phenomenon’, was shown in one of the schools, after which the entire faculty and student body repeated the Sinner’s Prayer. In my estimate, approximately 1800 people received Christ as their Saviour during those school visits. We regret that Richard’s visit to our island was so short. The school visits were done purely on a voluntary basis. No fee was charged and no donation was requested. I have no reservation in saying that Richard is truly an inspiration to all who comes into contact with him. He has the ability to awaken the unbeliever to the reality of the afterlife, and to strengthen the faith of the believer. I personally can say that I am not the same person after meeting Richard. His influence has empowered me to become a better evangelist for Christ. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such a man. He has a passion for the lost. His heart’s desire is to win as many people to Christ as he possibly can. His humility and compassion for people really impressed me. Yours in Christ, Diane Ramnath, School Ministries Co-ordinator, Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries, Trinidad

Evangelism in the UK

I have known Richard for a number of years. He is retired from medical practice now. He writes books and is an active evangelist. He has been guest speaker at a number of our dinners majoring on near death experience of patients who have come back from a Hell or Heaven encounter. The results are always dramatic and many come forward for salvation. On the recent Fire Teams visit to the UK he joined a team which brought just under 100 to the Lord in one to one street evangelism. With warmest Christian greetings, Paul Dickinson, Field Representative, FGBMFI, PO Box 11, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6QP, UK.

Preaching Against Abortion, Malta

I congratulate you on your courageous stand for Life in your presentation, God Hates Abortion. The cries of the unborn killed reach up to Heaven. (A practising medical doctor in Malta)

Bob Brown , Kentucky, USA

I am a Christian businessman from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, and I want to share with you an experience I had on a mission trip to Jamaica, on my first mission trip. Upon arrival in Port Antonio, Jamaica, I met Dr Richard Kent from the United Kingdom.  Richard invited me to come with a group of six to do street ministry. I was beside myself that in 3.5 hours on the street we had led 68 men and women to the Lord. During the following 5 days we led approximately 500 precious souls to the Lord. Richard and the group went on to Mandeville, Jamaica and led another 1,400 people to the Lord. Richard is truly gifted in street ministry! I am ashamed to tell you that prior to this mission trip I had never led anyone to the Lord on the street. Thanks to Richard for sharing his vision, this mission trip has changed me forever! His servant, Bob Brown

Pastor Roger French, UK

Richard is a passionate Christian and despite being very clever and gifted he is also a very humble man with much kindness and compassion, always willing to devote a great deal of time to helping and encouraging others regardless of his own very busy schedules. Richard’s main ministry gift is that of evangelist and in the four years I have worked with Richard I have seen him lead many hundreds of people to Christ. In my own church Richard has transformed the ministry of evangelism on the streets with his enthusiasm, wisdom and encouragement. Richard has written three evangelistic books on Near Death Experiences, two of which have been translated into ten languages and are available as free e-Books on  Two evangelistic films in which Richard appears have also been made from Richard’s books by Johan Sturm who now works in Hollywood. Richard has done a great deal of work on Christian Television particularly Revelation TV, on which he is now a regular presenter. Richard has his own registered charity called The Final Frontier Charitable Trust. I believe Richard sets a wonderful example of integrity and service in that he does not ask for or receive any monetary gifts, and he firmly believes that all Christian ministry should be totally free. His Bible teaching presentations are very detailed and full, and I know he spends many hours in diligent preparation and research. Whatever task Richard undertakes he does it wholeheartedly and is extremely conscientious. He relates very well to people at all levels in society and is extremely popular and well loved.   I count it a privilege to minister with Richard having been on mission trips and done many conferences with him both in the UK and abroad. Rev Roger French, Pastor & Bible Teacher, Living Word Church, Portsmouth, UK.

Bishop John Cummings, New York, USA

Dear Richard and Val. Our church has been immensely blessed by your ministry on Near Death Experiences, Abortions, Creation, and the Ark of the Covenant. .We would like you both to return to our church every year. Bishop John Cummings, Restoration Temple Assembly of God Church, 4610 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203, USA

Pastors Carlyle and Marilyn Chandersingh, Trinidad

Dear Richard, Warmest greetings! What a delight it was meeting you and having you at our church! Our church is certainly richer for your sharing on Sunday morning – the congregation was truly challenged to win souls. Even though you don’t live in Trinidad, we would love to have you as a member. We look forward to having you back later in the year – you are such a blessing! May God continue to anoint you in a new and more powerful way as you continue to serve Him. Our love and prayers are with you. God bless you. Pastors Carlyle and Marilyn Chandersingh, Senior Pastors, The Faith Centre, 3-5 Prince of Wales Street, PO Box 185, San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies (One of the largest churches in Trinidad)

Pastor Chris Mengel, Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Richard & Val, we have been blessed by your ministry beyond our wildest expectations and challenged to run this race passionately.  Thank you both for opening your hearts to minister to us, and for taking time to spend with Michélle and myself personally.  We must be very special to God for Him to send you half way around the globe to minister to our church (in Cape Town, South Africa).  The seed that you have sown bears much fruit, and will continue to do so for a very long time to come.  We look forward to meeting up with you again. Kindest regards, Chris Mengel, Senior Pastor, Community Family Church, Cape Town, South Africa.

Evangelism with Pastor Mervin B. Jadulal, Trinidad.

I would like to express how exciting it has been with Dr Richard Kent in Trinidad for the past three weeks. I wish he could have stayed longer. His ministry has been well accepted for the preparation and training of nationals for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God through evangelism. His PowerPoint teaching has been a tremendous blessing and an insight into important areas of Biblical interest. We certainly enjoyed his PowerPoint presentations on Evangelism, Near Death Experiences, End Times, Creation, Archaeology Including Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, Crossing of the Red Sea, Mount Sinai, and the Ark of the Covenant. We also enjoyed and learned a lot on the Medical and Prophetic aspects of the Crucifixion, The Resurrection as proved by modern research on the Shroud of Turin, How to have a Miracle, and Biblical Economics. As the news of his powerful ministry went around many schools opened their doors for evangelism, and Richard was able to speak to the entire school assemblies, and everybody was saved including the teachers. The Lord has also given us favour with the headmasters of these schools who invited Richard to return to the schools as soon as possible. There is an absolute demand for his ministry in Trinidad. People got saved on the streets, in the shopping malls, and on the beaches. Entire families got saved as we visited their homes and led them all to Jesus Christ. It was a practical example of his presentation “Evangelism Is Easy.” One of the spotlights of Richard’s Mission to Trinidad was the showing of the movie “The Lazarus Phenomenon” at the church. The church was packed to capacity with about 458 people on the inside and about 60-70 people standing on the outside. Many souls came to the altar for salvation. This movie has proved to be a great success, and a powerful evangelistic tool in other churches and public institution in Trinidad. The movie was shown in one of the Government Institutions and 210 people surrendered their lives to Christ, including the teachers. I believe that this is what the Lord wants us to do. Dr Richard Kent is welcome to come back to Trinidad as soon as possible. We love him and his wonderful ministry. Everybody enjoyed his presentations and ministry and is asking for his return. He is well loved and respected for his labour of love for the Lord Jesus Christ by everyone on the island. May the Lord continue to use him in his endeavours. From: Pastor Mervin B. Jadulal, Pastor, Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries, 100 Forres Park Trace, Claxton Bay, Trinidad.

Bishop Delford Davis, Jamaica

Dear Dr Kent, Greetings and best wishes to you both from all of us here at Power of Faith Ministries. Your ministry brought a wind of fresh air as the Holy Spirit ministered through you in such a remarkable and unique way. Without any hesitation or reservation I can say that you took us to another level of commitment through your teaching and preaching, and of course your passion for souls. The thousands that you have ministered to in the schools is a practical demonstration of the ministry of Jesus Christ.  We will always be praying for you as you continue to do exploits around the world for the Lord. Yours truly, Bishop Delford Davis, Senior Pastor, The Power of Faith ministries, Miracle Cathedral, 13 Dawkins Drive, Portmore Town Centre, PO Box 241, St Catherine, Jamaica, West Indies (this church near Kingston, Jamaica, has over 6,000 members!)

Bishop Johnny Frank, Durban, South Africa.

South Africa has been tremendously blessed, inspired and challenged by the visit of Dr. Richard Kent, and his wife, Val, from the UK. His accessible down-to-earth approach has really broken barriers and built strong relationships with people across cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. I personally was greatly challenged and inspired to see how very quickly and simply brought the Gospel to people who did not know the love of God in Christ Jesus. Many have committed their lives to the Lord though his one-to-one personal evangelism approach. Richard’s proficiency is to get across without the usual restraint of religious baggage that most Christians carry, and uses a wonderful, loving approach that makes sense to the hearer. His experiences, as a doctor, with patients who have had near-death experiences cause people to take a fresh look at their destiny and future, contemplating heaven and hell. His vast knowledge and insight into Creation, Archaeology, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Abortion, Rapture, Finances and many other subjects are a tremendous blessing to any church group that wants to live on a higher level with God. Richard and his wonderful wife Val are a real asset to the Body of Christ. His transition from the medical profession to the ministry is a rare combination that will really profit the people of God all over the world. We most sincerely express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Richard and Val for making the time to come to South Africa and share with the Body of Christ the revelatory truths that God has imparted to them.  We believe that God has raised up Richard and Val for “such a time as this.” And we pray God’s provision for them as they make the tremendous effort in travelling and sacrifice in their worldwide ministry for Jesus Christ. Yours sincerely, Bishop Johnny Frank, PO Box 562020, Chatsworth 4030, Durban, South Africa.

Rev. Dr John Price, Florida , USA

Dear Richard, thank you very much for preaching in our Caribbean Crusade, which brought hundreds into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Your presentation was thrilling, and well received. Your messages on Praise FM Television, and Praise FM Radio were heard by thousands, praise be to God. Thank you for your books The Final Frontier and Beyond The Final Frontier, which are making the rounds amongst my friends. They are destined to become best sellers in the US as they have in the UK. I gladly and enthusiastically recommend you and Val as select servants of Jesus Christ. Rev. Dr John Price, Senior Pastor, Christ’s Cathedral, PO Box 11291, Shady Hills, Florida 34610 – 0291, USA.

Viewers of Revelation TV

Dear Dr Richard, I have just finished watching the TV programmes “Revelation” that you did with Howard Conder on Abortions and Near Death Experiences. Many, many thanks once again, it is much appreciated, yours in our Lord Jesus Christ, Ian and Kristina Barry-Farrington, Isle of Wight, England.

Hello Dr. Richard, I watched last night, for the second time, your interview with Howard Conder on one of the earlier Revelation TV programmes.  When I first saw the programme and listened to you I was filled with a deep sense of the nearness of the Holy Spirit and a moving conviction of the importance of facing death head-on and not fudging the process by using terminology such as ‘passed away’ (you highlighted this term in the interview). Thank you for compiling these vital accounts and sharing them with so wide an audience.  Truly the Lord has used these experiences and will continue to use them.  I really cannot find the words to express how valuable this has proved to be in my own ministry.  Many thanks, Rev Bryan V East, Vicar of St. Peter’s Parish Church, Humberston, Grimsby, UK

Pastor Keith Chapman-Burnett, Bournemouth, UK

This is by way of recommendation of the ministry of Dr Richard Kent and his wife, Val, who ministered in our church in Dorset (UK) on the whole area of Near Death Experiences. Whilst I had no previous knowledge of Dr Richard Kent, I was extremely impressed with the integrity, depth of knowledge, and insight into a number of specialist areas. As a fellowship, the fruit was evident with a significant number of people counselled for first time decisions to Christ, and the majority of believers responding in faith to a call for more fervent and bold evangelism.  I would heartily commend Dr Richard Kent and his wife’s ministry to you. For our part, we will most certainly be inviting them back to our church. Yours sincerely in his service, Pastor Keith Chapman-Burnett, Christian Outreach Centre, Cedars House, 15 Dudsbury Rd, West Parley, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH22 8RA.

Rev Chris Hill, UK

We have known Richard and Val Kent for many years both as good friends and colleagues in ministry. Richard’s enthusiasm for God’s Word endears him to Christians, and his readiness to speak openly of Christ is a powerful testimony. Richard and Val have passed through deep waters together. His courageous stand over abortion brought him into conflict with medical colleagues, but he stood firm to his convictions. Val is a splendid “helpmeet” for her husband. She is sweetly gracious, a great provider of encouragement, and she complements Richard’s ministry perfectly. Richard’s books on “near-death-experiences” have sold in large numbers and deservedly so. His books are a tremendous resource in evangelism, alerting people to the realities of Heaven and Hell and preparing them for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to know Richard and Val.  Rev Chris Hill, Bible Teacher, C-L Ministries, 56 Holyrood Rd, New Barnet, Herts EN5 1DG, UK

Pastor Derek Walker, Oxford, UK

I am writing to let you know that Richard and Val’s replacement of Ian McCormack (who was unable to attend because of illness) was a great success. They were able to convey the reality of life after death, and Heaven and Hell, through Ian’s story and five other Near Death Experiences. These were supported by supported by Richard’s authority that derives from his personal research as a GP and author. There was a good response to an altar call for non-Christians to receive Jesus, and for Christians to dedicate themselves to evangelism. I would recommend them as a perfect substitute for Ian McCormack, as they are Biblically sound and minister with a humble spirit. Pastor Derek Walker, Oxford Bible Church, Oxford, UK

Pastor Paul Haywood Derbyshire, UK

Due to a regrettable cancellation of Ian McCormack due to no fault of his own, Ian recommended Dr Richard Kent to us as a stand in.  We accepted this offer and were very happy that we did. I would like to recommend Richard to you. His ministry was excellent, touching both believer and unbeliever alike. All the unsaved present responded and received Jesus Christ as their saviour. The believers responded wholeheartedly to the call to evangelism. This church will be happy to have Richard again. In addition, he has ministry notes and training information on his web site, which I have found very edifying. Should you have the opportunity to have him, don’t miss it. Yours in Christ Jesus, Paul Haywood. Senior Pastor, Abundant Life Christian centre, Tibshelf Road, Holmewood, Derbyshire, UK

Evangelist Ian McCormack, New Zealand

Richard is a retired UK medical doctor who has written a series of Christian books documenting life after death testimonies. He gives lectures on the subject & is a great person to help evangelise the lost. He is a man of integrity & shares on his own salvation experience with great results. Yours in Christ . God Bless you. Ian McCormack  Email: [email protected]  (Ian has travelled over many continents speaking about his own Near Death Experience after being stung by Box Jelly Fish)

Pastor Gordon-John Manche, Malta

This is Pastor/Missionary Gordon-John Manche’ writing to you from the island of Malta where St. Paul was shipwrecked.  We were greatly blessed hearing Dr Richard Kent speaking at Victory Christian Church, and we decided to invite him to our church-fellowship of RIVER OF LOVE  Richard was also invited to come on my TV program ‘Habbejtek’ on National TV, the only Christian TV program in the island! . Richard has been a great blessing to us in the Word and in the things of the Spirit. We have felt a kindred spirit with him especially for his humble spirit and sweet friendly sometimes funny nature. His teachings on ‘Near Death Experiences and studies of ‘Creation vs Evolution’ and study of ‘The Rapture’ amongst others have been very enriching. We look forward to have him back with us in Malta when the Lord leads him and grow closer as family in Christ for the glory and advancement of the Kingdom of our Lord. In His love, Pastor Gordon-John Manche

Pastors Vince and Antoinette Fenech, Malta

Richard’s teachings have been a wonderful help to us all and especially to our Christian School where we use the material on Creation and other topics in our curriculum. We support Richard in prayer while he is blessing us with his wonderful teachings. I do not hesitate to recommend his teachings in churches and in Christian schools. During his visit among us quite a few came to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior and many others come closer to God in their relationship. I also recommended Richard to lecture students at our Christian school. What a blessing! God bless you all! Pastors Vince and Antoinette Fenech, Malta

Pastor Ruby Clarke, Jamaica

On behalf of the pastor, assistant pastor and members of the church, I extend to you very warm thanks. We appreciate you travelling so far so that the community of Sav-La-Mar and the church as a whole could be the recipient of such invaluable service. We are immensely blessed by your testimonies of faith and victory, and the constant witnessing to bring lost souls to Christ.  You have challenged us, motivated us, inspired us, and taught us how to trust God more. You have imparted to us great wisdom, and a wealth of knowledge. We have indeed gained significantly, and I am quite sure that the impact made to us will, in due season, show positive results. God bless your wonderful ministry in the Lord. You have placed a seed in our hearts about the prosperity and blessing of God. We loved the testimonies of dead people who have come alive. May the good Lord bless you and keep His hand upon your life. From Pastor Ruby Clarke, Savannah-La-Mar, Jamaica

Evangelist Frank Perry, UK

Dear Richard, we have been so blessed by your ministry – on so many different subjects, yet all based on the truth about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Thank you for sharing with us your lifetime’s work and study – we have learned so much from you. It was a real joy to work with you in the West Indies and also here in the UK. You are such an encouragement and an example to us. We remember one morning in Barbados when you led 22 people to Jesus while jogging round the running track! Then in Trinidad, we heard you speak at a school assembly and about 600 young (Hindu) people said the ‘sinner’s prayer’ with you. We know that you give all the glory to God and we pray that you will stay anointed in His love and power for evangelism. We have found it so exciting working with you. Your humility is a lesson to us all. With our love in Jesus. Frank Perry, Ambassador to the International President, FGBMFI, PO Box 11, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6QP, UK

Pastor Fred Bartolo, Malta

We found Dr Richard Kent’s teachings to be very informative and convincing, so much so that I have changed my views on quite a few issues. Richard taught us on the subjects of Creation, Evolution, Abortion, Evangelism, Archaeology, The Crucifixion, and End Times Prophecy. We found Richard to be a very humble man and showed much kindness to me and my wife taking us out to dinner on every night he ministered in our church. His presence also has strengthened the relationship between some of the pastors on the island. We would not hesitate to have him back when that is possible. Fred Bartolo, Senior Pastor, Christian Outreach Centre, Malta.

Pastor Etienne van Holderbeke, Belgium

It is a pleasure to recommend to you our dear friend and fellow minister, Dr. Richard Kent. As a pastor of several churches myself, it has been a real joy to have Richard minister to our people. Several dozen have found the Lord for the very first time. Everyone was extremely pleased to receive his new material to build up their faith in Christ. His teachings are balanced and totally founded on God’s Word. As a brother in Christ, he is a blessing to be around. I couldn’t find anything else to say but to encourage you to have him serve the South African Church. I also want to express my appreciation, and that of the 15 churches or groups he visited while in Belgium, all his expenses (air fare and incidental costs) were very graciously met by Richard himself.  His vision about his presentations on many subjects is to offer them free to help build the Kingdom of God in every country and language group. This, to our knowledge, is unique and a true blessing to the Church worldwide. Being part of this wonderful faith adventure for the French speaking countries is thrilling! Please, do not hesitate to contact me further on that if you see fit. May the Lord bless you in your walk and ministry, Yours in the service of the Lord, Etienne van Holderbeke, Pastor, President of AWAKE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL Belgium

Pastor Jim McIlavine, Florida, USA

My husband and I recently had the privilege of attending a lecture by Dr. and Mrs. Kent. The information which they shared was not only fascinating, it captivated our entire attention. We left the meeting with a profound sense that Jesus truly fulfilled all of the Law in His death, burial, and resurrection. What we had previously known to be truthful biblical stores, took on new meaning, in light of the archaeological findings. Faith became sight for us. The Kent’s shared their vast knowledge in simple and reflective facts. We came away with a greater revelation of God’s immeasurable love for all of mankind and His wonderful redemptive plan, all the way back in the Garden of Eden. Jim and I highly recommend this dynamic couple with their passion and zeal for evangelism and truth to your church, or group as guest speakers. You will be absolutely amazed at their discoveries.  Pastor Jim and Millie McIlavine, President and founder of Life House Ministries, Florida, USA

John Pearce, UK

Dear Richard, Just a quick line to thank you for changing my life. I attended the Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship International Dinner at the Wessex Hotel in Street last night and found it absolutely mind-blowing. Yours in Christ. John Pearce