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About our charity

The Final Frontier Charitable Trust

Our charity was started by Dr Richard and Mrs Val Kent in 1997, and has the following main aims:

  1. Evangelism – to proclaim a clear Salvation Message worldwide
  2. Free Christian Resources – to provide free e-Books, free Movies, free resources for Evangelism, and free Teaching worldwide.
  3. Financial support to the poor and destitute, particularly orphans and prisoners.
  4. Financial support for other Christian organisations, in particular Revelation TV, The Asian Pacific Children’s Fund, Tear Fund, Sightsavers, and a number of charities supporting Israel.

We support the following charities:

Philippines death row work

Our prison ministry in death row and maximum security in the Philippines, the largest prison in Asia

Asian Pacific childrens fund

The Asian pacific children’s fund (seven orphanages in Asia)

Revelation TV

Revelation TV

Christian Friends of Israel

Christian Friends of Israel


Barry and Batya from the Joseph Storehouse

Joseph Storehouse

Jewish National Fund

Jewish National Fund

Sight Savers

Sightsavers in India

Missionary in Guatemala (Sam Holmar-Stewart in Guatemala with Portchester free church)


Richard and friends in the Philippines Maximum Security Prison in the Philippines

Main Ministry of Dr Richard Kent and Rev Roger French in Maximum Security Prison in the Philippines, in the largest prison in Asia, with 18,000 prisoners

Dr Richard Kent and Rev Roger French work very closely together. Rev Roger French is the pastor and Bible Teacher of Living Word Church, Portsmouth, and Dr Richard Kent is an evangelist. Their main ministry abroad is on Death Row and Maximum Security in the Philippines, where they support two full time prison missionary teams. There are a total of 18,000 prisoners in five separate prisons.

Children’s Orphanages

Mommy Zelma Amongst many other things our charity supports is the Asian Pacific Children’s Fund which has 7 orphanages in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India.

Richard and Roger have visited the Valley Cathedral orphanage in the Philippines, and the way the children are looked after is outstanding. It is mostly run by American and Canadian volunteers, and led by Mommy Zelma, who is famous throughout the Philippines.

Richard has interviewed Don and Molly McAlvany of the Asian Pacific Children’s Fund on Revelation TV. You can watch the interview here


Free DVD’s Worldwide are distributed on our YouTube Channel, all of which may be freely downloaded.



Further information about Dr Richard Kent, the author of this web site

Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor aged 67 and his wife Val is a nurse.

Richard is a regular presenter on Revelation TV, a UK based Christian TV channel.

His programme “TO THE POINT” is broadcast 3 times a week on REVELATION TV , UK, on SKY CHANNEL 581. It is currently broadcast at 8.30 pm every Monday.

Richard is an evangelists and Bible teacher, and have provided entirely free conferences in churches and organisations in 27 countries.

All of Richard’s material, and the teaching of all of his friends, is freely available on this web site, as well as Richard’s two e-Books, The Final Frontier and Beyond The Final Frontier, which have been translated into a total of twelve languages. 

In addition Richard also appears with many other doctors in the Cinema movies The Lazarus Phenomenon and The Final Frontier about Near Death Experiences, both made by a Hollywood film producer, and may now be watched on YOUTUBE and downloaded free. .

A special shortened version of these two movies is available world wide called “When you die, would you like to go to Heaven?” in which both Richard Kent and Roger French, of Living Word Church, Portsmouth, both appear.

Richard and Val work from a registered UK charity., No 1106663.

Richard and Val have spoken in church conferences in the UK, the US, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Pakistan, India, and on Death Row in a maximum-security prison in the Philippines.

Richard and Val have now given free conferences in 27 countries. 

Richard has spoken frequently on TV and radio both in the UK and abroad, but now appears weekly on Revelation TV.

Richard also teaches whole churches how to actually do really effective Personal Evangelism in homes, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, beaches, taxis, airports, trains, prisons, or anywhere!

Church members are amazed at how quickly they learn this childishly simple strategy! Unbelievers do not come to church! We need to go to them, exactly as Jesus taught His disciples, and always practised Himself! 

At Revelation TV, Richard has made many TV documentaries on many subjects, which are freely available on this web site. These may be freely viewed on this website, and downloaded from YOUTUBE.


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