Sodom And Gomorrah Ash Site

Sodom and Gomorrah The Discovery

On the western side of the Dead Sea lie the remains of two ashen cities, one at the base of Masada, and the other at the base of Mount Sodom.

In 1989, amateur archaeologist, Ron Wyatt was driving along the road past these sites. Although he had driven along this road perhaps thirty to forty times before, this time these structures suddenly looked like city walls and buildings. Ron pulled over to the side of the road to investigate further. He found that these were real cities.

From high up in Masada, one can see that the cities below are laid out in an obvious man made ‘square’ formation. The surrounding material is all normal brown rock.

Sodom And Gomorrah Ash Site

In the desert near the Dead Sea are some unusual white formations.

Sodom And Gomorrah

Structures which are reminiscent of man-made buildings.

Within these cities were structures that look like buildings, but all completely composed of ash.

There were rooms that one can still enter today.

He found inter-linking streets, ziggurats and a sphinx, all enclosed in traditional Canaanite double outer city walls, complete with buttresses.

The Bible tells us that these ashen cities are an example for us today: “Turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorra into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an example unto those that after should live ungodly,” 2 Peter 2:6.

In Sodom Ron Wyatt found several oxidised bronze spearheads. He even found a skeleton that had completely turned to ash, with the typical bone structure still visible at the ends of each of the bones.

Ash Building

Traditional Canaanite double outer city walls, complete with buttresses.

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