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About Dr Richard Kent, Co-author Of This Book

Richard Kent

Dr Richard Kent is a retired medical doctor aged 60. He was born in 1946, and trained at the Middlesex Hospital in London. He qualified in 1969, at the age of 22. He met his wife, Val, a staff nurse in Casualty, soon after qualifying, and they have been a very happy couple ever since. They married in 1971, and have three daughters, Emma, Sarah, and Lucy. In 1973 Richard joined a very large medical practice with eight partners and 18,000 patients.

One of Richard’s patients was a 4 year-old boy who died with leukaemia. The little boy died whilst Richard was actually treating him at home. This greatly distressed the poor parents, and it greatly upset Richard as well.

Following this, Richard and Val were “seeking” for some meaning to life. In his job as a GP Richard was very familiar with death at all ages, and wanted to know the answer to the following three questions:

Richards Three Daughters
  • Where do we all come from?
  • Why are we here?
  • Where do we go next?

Richard And Val

Richard and Val found these questions very difficult question to answer! In the UK most people have no answers to these questions, and frequently do not even understand the questions! Richard also found that many people were embarrassed by these questions!

Richard’s first job as a General Practitioner was in Brighton and Hove, working in a Jewish practice. Richard is not Jewish, but he developed a great liking for the Jewish people. Richard and Val have visited Israel many times since, and also attend a church that supports Israel.

Concentration Camp

Richard had an interest in the history of the Second World War, and was familiar with the details of the Jewish Holocaust. Richard and Val recently visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, and regularly visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

Richard was careful not make any personal judgement on the people responsible for the Holocaust. Richard did however come to the conclusion that there must be an evil force on this planet that caused people to inflict such suffering on others. The Bible refers to this spiritual entity as Satan, and Richard decided that Satan was very real. This lead to a detailed study of the Bible, and Richard and Val became born again Christians together in 1974.

Richard became interested in the research into after-death experiences by the American consultant cardiologist, Dr. Maurice Rawlings, wrote the introduction to Richard’s first book The Final Frontier (link please) published in 1997. This interest was the beginning of Richard’s research into the experiences of clinically dead patients who were resuscitated, and reported near-death experiences.

Richard is a co-author of two books The Final Frontier and Beyond The Final Frontier, which include a total of 51 true stories of patients who have died and met Jesus Christ. Many individuals in the books visited either Heaven or Hell. These books are both available free on this web site.

Richard retired from General practice in 1997. He is now a part time unpaid conference speaker, evangelist, Bible teacher and author. His wife, Mrs Val Kent, is a retired nurse, and works closely with Richard. They are both ordained ministers. They now live in a rented house near Winchester in the UK, close to other members of their family, and are active members of Porchester Free Church, near Portsmouth.

Richard used to regularly run the London Marathon, and other marathons, to raise money for various charities. He now prefers to simply jog with friends!

Richard running for charity

Richard and Val work from a UK registered charity (The Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity No 1106663). They have given entirely free PowerPoint church conferences in the UK, the US, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Pakistan, and on Death Row in a maximum-security prison in the Philippines. Richard and Val have, so far, spoken in 24 countries, always entirely free to the host church. They never sell anything at all, and all of their material may be downloaded from their website entirely free.

Richard has been interviewed frequently on TV and Radio, and is still available for interview.

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