Beyond The Final Frontier

Free Companion E-book, ‘Beyond The Final Frontier’

Free Companion E-book, ‘beyond The Final Frontier’

Beyond The Final Frontier

BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER by Dr Richard Kent and David Waite is the second book in the series on Near Death Experiences.

The book is now viewable and downloadable FREE on this web site:

This book was first published by HarperCollins in the UK in AD 2000, and by Zondervan in the USA in 2002.

This book is a follow up book to the earlier book The Final Frontier, and relates the true stories of 26 individuals who have encountered death, and beyond.

The book was researched by Dr Richard Kent, a retired UK medical doctor, and introduced by a Dr John Sloan, a consultant in Accident and Emergency at Leeds General Infirmary, UK.

In one case history the actual ECG’s showing clinical death are presented, as well as a letter from the hospital concerned confirming death.

Some of the experiences describe Heaven in detail. Some of the stories contain very frightening descriptions of Hell. Dr Richard Kent also explains in detail what the Bible says about Heaven and Hell, and how to go to Heaven.

There is also additional material from acclaimed International speaker Dr Chuck Missler on the Existence of God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

The book was co-authored by David Waite, winner of the prestigious Christian Broadcasting Council’s Gold Award for the Best Non-Fiction Christian book of 1998.

To view and download the book, please visit BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER on this web site.

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