Booklet with Pictures, God’s Divine Ratio in the Human Body and in Nature

God’s Divine Ratio in the Bible, Humans, Birds, Fish, Animals, Plants, and the Solar System, by Dr Richard Kent

Question for you!

What do God’s different creations all have in common?

The Ark of the Covenant

Noah’s Ark

Our Galaxy

The Earth and the Moon

Our DNA  

The Human Body

The Human Face

Sea Shells




They all have two things in common!

  • They were all created by God! “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth,” Genesis 1:1
  • They all display the Divine Ratio, and the incredible Creative Power and Wisdom of Jesus Christ, the Creator!

This is a teaching on God’s amazing Design System in all living organisms, as well as our DNA and the Solar System!

In other words, God’s Fingerprint on His entire Creation!

You may not have heard of Phi, the Divine Ratio, which is a very simple Mathematical Ratio.

Phi is commonly referred to as:

  • The Golden Ratio
  • The Golden Proportion
  • The Golden Mean
  • The Golden Spiral
  • The Golden Rectangle
  • The Divine Ratio
  • The Divine Rectangle
  • The Divine Spiral
  • The Divine Triangle
  • The Divine Proportion

I will use the words “Divine” and “Golden” interchangeably, because, in our secular world, you will mostly hear about the Golden Ratio, rather than the Divine Ratio!

The Divine Ratio is clear evidence of:

  • God’s existence
  • His genius in the creation of all things in nature!

We are going to be looking at how God has put His personal Mathematical Genius on the whole of Creation!

This includes

  • The Galaxy
  • The Earth and the Moon
  • All living creatures, including humans, birds, mammals, fish and insects
  • All plants
  • The DNA within the 100,000 trillion cells in our human bodies

Understanding Phi

  • I need to teach you some simple mathematics!
  • The mathematics will not last very long!
  • Then I will explain how God has put his Divine mathematical fingerprint on the whole of creation!
  • It is all to do with the Divine Ratio!

It is simplest to show you an example

The Divine Ratio of the Human Arm

This simple Ratio 1: 1.618 is known at the Divine Ratio.

1.1618 is known as Phi (pronounced like fly).

The Value of Phi

Phi = Golden Ratio = 1.618


Do not confuse Phi with Pi = 3.14, which you probably learned about in Algebra!

The number Pi is the Ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter.


Phi, or the Divine Ratio, is quite simply the difference in length between two lines!

B / C = 1.168

A / B   = 1.168

The Divine Ratio in the human body

Examples from the Human Body

  • The human head width / height = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Whole body height / Head to fingertips = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Head to fingertips / Head to elbows = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Head to navel / head to arms = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Head to navel / width of shoulders = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Head to navel / length of forearm = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Head to navel / length of tibia = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Head to pectorals / top to base of skull = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Head to chest / width of abdomen = φ (Phi) =1.168
    • Forearm / hand = φ (Phi) =1.168

The Divine Rectangle

This brings us to the Golden Rectangle where the sides of the Rectangle are 1.168 and 1

Question:  Which Rectangle do you find most appealing?

Most people chose C, because Rectangle C is a Divine / Golden Rectangle.

That is why paper is made in A3, A4 and A5 sizes – they are all Divine Ratios!

Rectangles within Rectangles

If you take any Golden Rectangle, and draw in a central line to make a perfect square, then the remaining Rectangle is a Golden Rectangle!


Squared Rectangle

Multiple Golden Rectangles

This process can be continued, producing multiple Golden Rectangles

The Golden Spiral

If you draw a quarter of a circle in each square you will get a Spiral with a characteristic shape, a Golden Spiral!

The Golden Spiral is found in the Bible and throughout Creation.

I would like to explain how God has put his Mathematical Imprint on the whole of Creation

The Ark of the Covenant

The dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant are a Golden or Divine Rectangle

In Exodus 25:10 we read: “And they shall make an ark of acacia wood; two and a half cubits shall be its length, a cubit and a half its width, and a cubit and a half its height”.

  • Length = 2.5 cubits
  • Width = height = 1.5 cubits
  • The Ratio is Phi = 1.618!
  • The Ark of the Covenant is thus constructed using the Golden Ratio, or Divine Proportion.

The Altar of Burnt Offering

In Exodus 27:1 we read: “You shall make an altar of acacia wood, five cubits long and five cubits wide—the altar shall be square—and its height shall be three cubits”.

  • Width = length = 5 cubits
  • Height = 3 cubits
  • The 5 x 3 Ratio is Phi = 1.618, the Divine Ratio!

Noah’s Ark

In Genesis 6:15 we read: “And this is how you shall make it: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits”.

  • Width = 50 cubits
  • Height = 30 cubits

The Ratio is 5 to 3 is Phi = 1.618!

The Divine Ratio and Divine Rectangle in the Solar System

Our Galaxy is a Divine Spiral

Saturn has multiple Divine Rectangles

There are multiple Divine Rectangles in a photo of Saturn!

The Earth and the Moon have a Divine Triangle

  • This illustration shows the relative sizes of the Earth and the Moon to scale.
  • The dimensions of the Earth and Moon are in Phi relationship, forming a Divine Triangle, which is a Golden Rectangle bisected into two.

The Divine Ratio and Divine Rectangle in the weather systems

Tornado demonstrating Divine Spiral

Hurricane, demonstrating Divine Spiral  

Hurricane Irene demonstrating Divine Spiral  

The Divine Ratio and Divine Rectangle in the Human Body


The DNA molecule, the Genetic Code written by God for all life, in each of our 100 trillion cells, is designed by God with the Divine Ratio!

DNA measurements for each full cycle of its double helix Spiral

Length = 34 angstroms

Width = 21 angstroms

Length / Width = 34 / 21 = Phi = 1.168

DNA has Spirals in Divine Proportions

  • DNA appears in every cell as a double-stranded helix.
  • DNA has two grooves in its Spirals
  • The Major Groove is roughly 21 angstroms
  • The Minor Groove is roughly 13 angstroms
  • The Ratio Major Groove/ Minor Groove is Phi =1.168

The Human Body demonstrates multiple Divine Ratios

God’s most amazing use of the Divine or Golden Ratio is the human body.

The Divine Ratio in the Human Body

Examples from the entire body:

  • Whole body height / head to fingertips = Phi =1.168
  • Head to fingertips / head to elbows = Phi =1.168
  • Head to navel / width of shoulders = Phi =1.168
  • Head to navel / length of forearm = Phi =1.168
  • Forearm / hand = Phi=1.168
  • There are actually dozens of examples of Phi in the human body!

Examples of the Divine Ratio in the Human Face

The human face is based entirely on the Divine Ratio!

This is why we find faces so appealing!

Multiple Divine Ratios in the Human Face

Human beauty is based on the Divine Proportion, although most of us are not aware of this!

In the human face, the following Golden Ratios are found:

  • Centre of Pupils to teeth: Teeth to chin = Phi =1.168
  • Line connecting outer canthus of both eyes: Line connecting inner canthus of both eyes = Phi =1.168

Divine Rectangle in Faces of Female Actresses

Jennifer Aniston            Angelina Jolie

  • There are dozens of examples of the Divine Ratio in the human face!
  • The head forms a Divine Rectangle with the eyes at its midpoint
  • The human head width / height = Phi =1.168
  • The human face forms a Divine or Golden Rectangle

Divine Ratios in Faces of Male Actors

George Clooney              Brad Pitt

There are dozens of Divine Ratios in a human head!

Beauty of a human face revealed in the Divine Spiral

Divine Ratio revealed in the Human Eye

Width of eye / Width of Iris = Phi =1.168

Divine Ratio revealed in human teeth

Width between centre teeth: width between second teeth = Phi =1.168

There are many Divine Ratios in human teeth

There are multiple Divine Ratios in human teeth!

The Human Ear reflects the Divine Spiral.

The Basilar membrane of the Human Ear reflects the Divine Spiral

The basilar membrane is the nerve in the cochlea of the inner ear which convert sound into electrical impulses.

The Human Arm and Hand demonstrates multiple Divine Ratios

Divine Ratios in the Arm

There are multiple Divine Ratios in a human arm

There are multiple Divine Ratios in an X-ray of a human hand  

Measurements of fingers show Divine Ratios

Human Feet show multiple Divine Ratios!

Divine Ratio and Divine Rectangle in Sea Shells

Divine Spiral in Ferns

Divine Spiral in a Rose

We all find roses very appealing because of the Divine Spirals in each one!

Divine Spiral in a Plant

Divine Spiral in a Fir Cone

Divine Spiral in a Sunflower

Divine Spiral in a Seed

The Divine Ratio in an Ant

The Divine Ratio in a Snail  

The Divine Ratio in an Angel Fish  

The Divine Ratio in a Moth   

The Divine Ratio in a Butterfly

The Divine Ratio in a Penguin 

There are multiple Divine Ratios in penguins, which is why we find them so attractive!

The Divine Ratios in a Dolphin  

There are multiple Divine Ratios in penguins, which is why we find them so attractive!


  • All of Creation bears the Mathematical Fingerprint of a Master Designer and Builder with the Divine Ratio and the Divine Spiral.
  • The Creator of the Universe is Jesus Christ, see Colossians 1:15 The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For in Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him”.

Jesus Christ is

  • The Creator of the Universe.
  • The Creator of Life.
  • The Creator of DNA.
  • The Designer of the whole universe.
  • The Designer of the human body, animals, birds, plants, the entire Solar System, and everything else!

Genesis 1:31
“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good”.


I hope you have enjoyed this teaching and associated YouTube videos, which may be found at

God bless you!


Dr Richard Kent MB BS

Contact email address: [email protected]



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