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Richard Kent

Dr Richard and Mrs Val Kent work from a UK registered charity, The Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity No 1106663. They have spoken in church conferences in the UK, the US, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Pakistan, and on Death Row in a maximum-security prison in the Philippines. Richard and Val have, so far, spoken in 24 countries, always entirely free to the host church.

Richard has been interviewed frequently on TV and Radio, and is still available for interview. Richard gives entirely free PowerPoint illustrated lectures anywhere in the world on the following subjects:

  • After Death Experiences
  • Evangelism is Easy
  • Creation: The Genesis Account
  • Evolution is Impossible
  • Biblical Archaeology: Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai, and the Ark of the Covenant
  • The Crucifixion: medical and prophetic aspects
  • The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • The Bible is Supernatural
  • What does God think about Abortion?
  • The Rapture of believers in our lifetime
  • God’s supernatural plan for your Money
  • How to have miracle

Free copies of all the PowerPoint presentations, both books, and both movies are left with the host church for free copying and distribution. All travelling and accommodation expenses are met by Dr Richard Kent’s UK charity, and the conferences are entirely free to the host churches.

Richard has so far given these conferences in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, the Caribbean, Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

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