Lazarus Phenomenon

Free Movie, ‘The Lazarus Phenomenon’

Lazarus Phenomenon

This movie has already been screened in many public cinemas in many countries. The narrative is documentary in style, filmed on the actual locations of the events portrayed, with fantastic special effects, and amazing music. The subject of death is studied in some detail, and the following four medical doctors are interviewed in depth:

  • Dr Jeff Long M.D. of IANDS (The International Association of Near Death Studies)
  • Dr Melvin Morse M.D. of Seattle Children’s Hospital, USA
  • Dr Tony Lawrence M.D. of Coventry University, UK
  • Dr Richard Kent M.D. (Retired General Practitioner) UK

Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu

The movie starts with a dramatisation of the Lazarus and the Rich Man in Luke 16, vv 19 – 31, as told by Jesus Christ, and recorded by Dr Luke in his Gospel. The special effects in this section of the movie of both Heaven and Hell are amazing.

The movie then turns to the true story of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu in Nigeria who was raised from the dead after 3 days. Pastor Daniel died after a road traffic accident. He still has his death certificate, written by a hospital doctor. In the movie he recounts his experiences, with amazing computer generated images of both Heaven and Hell. The actual footage of the coming back to life of Pastor Daniel is shown in the movie. Pastor Daniel is personally interviewed in the movie.

Ian McCormack

The movie concludes with the true story of Ian McCormack who died in Mauritius for 15 minutes in a hospital Emergency Room, after five separate stings from deadly dangerous box-jelly fish. Ian met Jesus Christ after death, and was transported to both Heaven and Hell. Ian McCormack is personally interviewed in the movie, and his story is filmed on the exact locations.


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