The Six Days of Creation, Part 1

The Six Days of Creation


0:52: 🌎 Overview of the first day of creation in Genesis 1, emphasizing Jesus Christ as the creator and the significance of spoken word.

  • 0:52: Genesis 1:1 states that God created the heavens and the Earth.
  • 1:22: Scriptures highlight Jesus Christ as the creator, emphasizing his role in creation.
  • 3:11: The Universe, meaning ‘one spoken word’, reflects God’s spoken command in creation.
  • 3:36: Genesis 1:3 showcases how God’s spoken word brought light into existence.
  • 4:00: The first day of creation is focused on the creation of the heavens and the Earth.

Earth, Light and Time

4:24: 🌎 Explanation of the creation of Earth, light, and time in Genesis 1.

  • 4:24: The Holy Spirit, as part of the Trinity, played a role in the creation process.
  • 4:30: The creative force of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, was actively involved in the creation process.
  • 4:33: God created the Earth out of water, not as a hot molten mass as evolutionists claim.
  • 6:34: Polonium Halos in Granite provide evidence that the Earth was not a molten mass.
  • 7:04: The Earth was originally formed out of water, contrary to evolutionary teachings.
  • 7:24: Light and time were created on the first day of creation.
  • 7:43: God called the light ‘day’ and the darkness ‘night’ on the first day of creation.


7:59: 🌈 Explanation of the creation story in Genesis 1, including light, energy, time, dimensions, and the firmament.

  • 7:59: Light is made up of seven different colors in a photon.
  • 8:40: E=mc^2 relates energy, mass, and the speed of light.
  • 9:24: God created time when he said ‘let there be light’.
  • 9:54: God lives outside time and can see past, present, and future.
  • 11:04: The firmament in Genesis refers to the sky.
  • 11:45: Birds fly across the face of the firmament, meaning the sky.


12:14: 🌎 Explanation of the creation of Earth’s layers and the water canopy in the sky.

  • 12:14: The firmament divided water above and below the sky.
  • 13:06: The water canopy above the sky provided protection and greenhouse effect.
  • 14:43: Dry land appeared, separating waters into seas.
  • 15:00: Four distinct geographical areas were formed: water canopy, sky, sea, and dry land.
  • 15:33: During the flood, the waters of the great deep broke up.

Earth Creation

15:39: 🌱 Creation of Earth, greenhouse effect, Amber oxygen content, vegetation creation, DNA complexity in plants.

  • 15:39: Water trapped under Earth caused flood
  • 16:00: Greenhouse effect maintained uniform temperature on Earth
  • 16:54: Amber formed after Noah’s flood with higher oxygen content
  • 18:04: God created vegetation on the third day
  • 19:06: Plants have complex DNA similar to humans

Nature and Universe Creation

19:45: 🌿 Exploration of miraculous processes in nature and the creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

  • 19:45: Plants perform photosynthesis to create oxygen and food.
  • 20:03: Photosynthesis is a complex process involving carbon dioxide and water.
  • 21:07: Plants act as factories producing oxygen and food.
  • 21:54: Seeds contain DNA and can last for hundreds of years, producing life.
  • 22:25: On the fourth day, God created the Sun, Moon, and Stars.


23:34: 🌌 Exploration of the supernatural creation of the universe and life by God.

  • 23:34: Emphasis on the supernatural origin of everything around us
  • 23:40: Comparison between nuclear fusion and fission to highlight the supernatural nature of creation
  • 24:08: Critique of the term ‘Natural History Museum’ and assertion that everything is supernatural
  • 24:26: All living things, including humans, are created by God and are supernatural in nature
  • 24:33: Encouragement to reflect on the amazing and supernatural nature of God
  • 24:45: Invitation for feedback and offer of free DVDs on creation and evolution
  • 25:08: Availability of word document and website for further resources

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