The Six Days of Creation, Part 2

The six days of Creation

The Sun

0:26: 🌞 Explanation of the incredible efficiency and supernatural nature of the sun’s nuclear fusion process.

  • 0:26: Detailed explanation of the sun as a giant nuclear fusion reactor
  • 2:03: Comparison between nuclear fusion in the sun and man-made nuclear fission
  • 3:01: Description of the sun’s controlled nuclear fusion process with 100% efficiency
  • 4:01: Facts about the temperature and pressure in the core of the sun
  • 4:46: Amount of energy produced by the sun through nuclear fusion every second
  • 5:04: Highlighting the sun as a 100% efficient producer of energy
  • 6:03: Brief mention of the moon as part of the creation process

Earth, Moon, Stars, Fish and Birds

5:12: 🌎 Creation of Earth, Moon, Stars, and Fish and Birds in Genesis One

  • 5:12: The Moon orbits the Sun and controls tides on Earth.
  • 5:30: The Moon provides light at night and gives signs of major events.
  • 6:08: Alignment of planets like blood red moons indicate important events.
  • 6:58: There are billions of stars, potentially enough for every person on Earth to own trillions.
  • 8:02: Birds and fish were created on the fifth day of creation.
  • 9:17: Birds do not evolve from fish or mammals, they were created separately.

Creation of divers animals

9:41: 🐦 Creation of diverse animals and birds with unique features and DNA, debunking evolution theory.

  • 9:41: Fish and birds created uniquely with swimbladders and lightweight skeletons respectively.
  • 10:37: Birds have inbuilt navigation systems for migration, refuting evolution.
  • 11:27: Animals created according to their kinds on day six, each with pre-programmed DNA.
  • 12:17: DNA is the most complex genetic code in the universe, designed by God.
  • 13:25: Micro Evolution observed within species, but no evidence of species changing into others.
  • 14:06: Closely related species like horses and donkeys can interbreed but produce sterile offspring.

Creation of Adam and Eve

14:59: 📖 Creation of Adam and Eve as living beings by Jesus Christ based on Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

  • 14:59: God created man and woman in his image as spirits.
  • 16:57: Jesus Christ formed Adam from dust and breathed life into him.
  • 17:12: Adam and Eve were originally created as spirits in the likeness of God.
  • 18:47: Jesus Christ is the literal Giver of Life.
  • 18:54: The body without the spirit is considered dead.
  • 19:13: The spirit entering the body brings it to life.


19:30: 🌿 Interpretation of the creation of Eve through tissue transplant and DNA modification.

  • 19:30: God performed a tissue transplant on Adam to create Eve.
  • 20:33: The term ‘rib’ in Hebrew likely refers to the side of Adam.
  • 21:02: Eve was made using a modified DNA tissue transplant from Adam.
  • 21:33: The creation in six days and rest on the Sabbath day is highlighted.
  • 21:40: Encouragement to rest on the Sabbath day like God did.
  • 21:53: Viewers can request free DVDs on creation and evolution.
  • 22:02: Feedback and questions can be sent to info@ Revelation TV.

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