Dr Lennart Moller

All of those involved in Ron Wyatt’s work have been incredibly helpful

Dr Lennart Moller We have found that everyone involved with these discoveries have been extremely pleasant, and have liberally shared their material with us for presentation on this site. The heart attitude of these wonderful Christians is a perfect example of their commitment to Jesus Christ.

Our lives have been changed by the discoveries of Ron Watt. We have learned a great deal from the web site of the Wyatt Archaeological Research Museum, and also from their videos and books. We highly recommend them.

We are greatly indebted to Dr Lennart Moller, (photo) Aaron Sen, Ross Patterson, and Bill Fry, all of whom could not have been more helpful, and who have freely allowed us to use their images on this web site.

We have been enormously helped and encouraged by the “Amazing Discoveries” series of videos produced by Jonathan Gray.

We have the greatest of respect for all of these wonderful people, and hope very much to meet Mary Nell Wyatt, and Richard Rives of Wyatt Archaeological Research and Jonathan Gray in the very near future. We can confidently predict that we will like them enormously.

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