Ron Wyatt

In Support of Ron Wyatt Introduction

Ron Wyatt Ron Wyatt has truly inspired millions of Bible believing Christians all over the world, including ourselves. The impact of these archaeological discoveries on ourselves, and on many people we know, cannot be overstated.

However, historically virtually all great men of God have been persecuted, beginning with Jesus Christ and His disciples.

There are a great number of critics of Ron Wyatt, and his work. This criticism has become so great that many people refuse to be associated in any way with Ron Wyatt.

The criticism comes mainly from other Christian groups, and from other archaeologists. The internet is full of vitriolic criticism of Ron Wyatt. Much of this criticism comes from individuals and groups of individuals who have not visited the actual sites. Perhaps these groups would be wise to heed the words of Jesus Christ Himself:

Judge not, that you be not judged.” Matthew 7:1

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