Ichthyosaur At the time of Noah’s flood (4,400 years ago), the crust of the Earth broke up, and humans, animals and fish were instantly buried under tons of rock.

The breaking up of the crust of the Earth at Noah’s flood caused millions of instantaneous fossils, as seen almost everywhere on this planet. Fossils did not happen over millions of years, but instantaneously, at Noah’s flood.

(photo top right) A mother Ichthyosaur giving birth. Fossilization is not a slow process!

Here is a fossilized mother Ichthyosaur giving birth. Fossilization is not a slow process. According to Creation Magazine 12-99, the mother Ichthyosaur was fossilized instantaneously by the instant burying under tons of debris, at the very moment of giving birth.

Here is a large fish instantaneously fossilised, at the very moment when it was eating a smaller fish.

Fossilised Fish Full details about the early Earth, the canopy of water in the stratosphere, fossils, dinosaurs, and carbon dating are in our free Creation and Evolution lectures.

Fossilised large fish, swallowing a small fish. This shows instantaneous fossilisation, not fossilisation over millions of years.

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