Noahs Ark Uncovered

More recent expeditions to the site

Noahs Ark Uncovered

In 1991, Greg Brewer, found a petrified antler in the side of the ark. As a result of a core drilling Ron found extinct rodent hair, petrified animal droppings and red human hair.

The Turkish government has also sent their own archaeological team, which recovered four intact metal rods, each about four feet long. These are now in the possession of the Ministry of Mines and Minerals, in Turkey. The Turkish Government have officially dedicated the site as a National Park, declaring it to be the remains of Noah’s Ark!

Henri Nissen is a Danish Journalist who has visited the Noah’s Ark site many times, and has written an excellent book “Noah’s Ark Uncovered“. Photos of Noah’s Ark may also be seen on his web site

Coprolyte Fossilised Droppings

This is COPROLYTE = Fossilised animal droppings.

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