Drogue Stone

Giant Drogue Stones

Drogue Stone Near the village of Kazan Ron Wyatt discovered thirteen giant drogue stones, all thousands of feet above sea level, and hundreds of kilometres from the nearest sea. The drogue stones were found in a direct line with the ship, which seemed to indicate that Noah may have cut them loose as the waters subsided, and just before the Ark came to rest.

The drogue stones were designed to keep the vessel stable in rough seas. They dragged in the water, and kept the ship facing towards oncoming waves. They are also found attached to other ancient vessels.

The drogue stones had holes at the top, with a hollowed out central portion, designed to enclose a knot in a rope, and thus prevent chafing of the rope.

On the anchor stones there are carved Maltese (or possibly Armenian) Christian crosses from the Crusader period. This is evidence that early Christians recognised the significance of the anchor stones.

Anchor Stone

Ron Wyatt by an enormous anchor stone found close to the Noah’s Ark site.

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