Fulfillment 7

7. OLD COVENANT: The High Priest then prayed and asked forgiveness from God for the sins of the people

The incense around the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Covenant was to prevent the high priest seeing the face and dying (Exodus 33:20).

7. NEW COVENANT: Jesus Christ prayed for God to forgive the sins of the people

In Luke 23:34 it is recorded, “Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”.

It is widely assumed that Jesus was referring only to the soldiers involved in the actual Crucifixion. However, in His life, Jesus was rejected by virtually everyone.

  • His family
  • His friends
  • His disciples
  • Those He healed (who did not come back to say thank you)
  • His home synagogue
  • The Sanhedrin
  • The religious establishment
  • The crowds
  • The Roman authorities
  • The Roman legal system
  • The Roman soldiers
  • The thieves on the cross

We believe that Jesus was referring to all those who had rejected him, including all of the above, which included everyone. Jesus Christ was therefore interceding for the whole world.

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