Divine Vision

Encouragement from an angel

Divine Vision One day during the excavation Ron was feeling depressed. He thought that he must have done something wrong, and that God had decided to take him off the excavation work. He sat down at the site, to think about the circumstances. Suddenly, he heard a man’s voice that said, “God bless you in what you are doing here Ron Wyatt.”

Amazed, Ron turned to face in the direction of the voice. Ron was surprised, and wondered how anyone could know his name. Ron had never told anyone else exactly what excavation work he was doing. Ron replied, “Thank you, are you from around here?”

The stranger simply replied, “No.” Trying to start a conversation, Ron asked, “Are you a tourist?” This time the stranger replied, “No. I have come from South Africa and am on my way to the New Jerusalem.”

Ron was amazed, since the New Jerusalem is referred to in the Book of Revelation, “Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband”, Revelation 21:2.

After the man had left, Ron asked the others people in the Garden Tomb area if they had seen this man. Surprisingly they said they had not. Since the Garden Tomb has only one entrance, Ron Wyatt was surprised that nobody else had seen him. Ron realised he had just been visited by an angel, presumably sent by God to encourage him.

This was a great encouragement for Ron. It soon became too dangerous to continue digging down the cliff face. So, Ron had to excavate the area under the Cross-Hole from alternative starting points. One of the approaches Ron used was from Zedekiah’s Cave, very close to the Damascus Gate.

Ron soon found himself within an interconnecting system of caves and tunnels. The conditions in the tunnel system were damp, dusty, and airless. There was a small Arab who worked with Ron. Because he was physically so small, he could squeeze into the narrow tunnels that were too small for Ron to easily enter.

One day Ron asked the Arab to crawl in through a tiny entrance to a cave. When he had squeezed himself into the cave, he very quickly emerged with terror in his eyes, screaming, “What is in there? What is in there?” The Arab hurriedly left the cave system, and he refused to return.

Ron was very excited. He enlarged the entrance to this chamber and crawled in. He found himself crawling across rocks that were piled up almost to the roof of the cave. Ron was becoming increasingly tired, but began to move the rocks aside, to reveal what was underneath them. He uncovered some old wooden boards that were dry and decomposing. When he moved the wooden boards away, he saw animal skins.

Suddenly, Ron saw something bright and shiny, glinting from under the animal skins. Ron quickly moved the animal skins, and uncovered a Table. Ron quickly identified this as The Table of Showbread, from King Solomon’s Temple.

Exodus 25:30 “And you shall set the showbread on the table before Me always.”

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