Blood Dripped On Mercy Seat

Unique blood of Jesus Christ, with only 24 chromosomes

Mercy Seat According to the lectures given by Ron Wyatt, the blood that he discovered and had analysed had only 24 chromosomes. The full text of one of his many sermons may be read on

Ron Wyatt actually stated, “We tested it to make sure it was blood. It is unique blood. I will quickly state this, I know that there are some doctors here, and nurses, and people who are familiar with blood. All of us have 46 chromosomes, unless we have Downs Syndrome. Christ had 24. Each parent supplies 23 chromosomes to a new infant. Christ got 23 from His mother, He got one from His Father, and it was a Y, which made Him a male. He got it not from an earthly Father, or He would have had 46 like the rest of us.”

According to his account, Ron Wyatt had the Blood analysed in a laboratory in Tel Aviv. Ron Wyatt has shown these results to only a few trusted friends. The technicians in the laboratory were amazed at the analysis this unique human Blood. They found that this Blood did not contain the normal complement of 46 chromosomes, but in fact contained only 24 chromosomes.

In the sample of blood there was a full complement of 22 autosomal chromosomes and one X chromosome from the mother, but only one Y chromosome, the sex determining chromosome from the father. The other 22 autosomal chromosomes from the father, the paternal chromosomes, were missing.

The technicians from the laboratory in Tel Aviv asked Ron Wyatt where he had obtained this blood. He replied, “It is the blood of your Messiah.”


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