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Adam In The Bible

Finger Of God Before we can establish the age of the Universe, according to the Bible, we need to establish that Adam was a real person. There is a tendency in many cultures to consign Adam to fairyland.

Actually Adam is one of the most important characters in the entire Bible.
The name Adam is mentioned a total of 30 times in the Bible. The name Adam appears 21 times in the Old Testament, and 9 times in the New Testament.

We either accept that Adam was a real person, or throw away the entire Bible. By contrast:

The title “John the Baptist” is mentioned only 14 times.
Joseph, the stepfather of Jesus Christ, is mentioned 15 times in the Bible (7 times in Matthew, 6 times in Luke, and 2 times in John.)
Adam is therefore mentioned more than the title “John the Baptist” and Jesus’ stepfather Joseph combined!

Supernatural evidence that Adam was a real person

There is supernatural evidence that Adam was a real person. The following is used with permission from The Genealogy of Noah in Genesis Chapter 5 (from “The Bible: An Extraterrestrial Message” by Chuck Missler).

The ancestors of Noah are recorded in Genesis 5. There are a total of 10 names, each with a specific Hebrew meaning. The English translations for the Hebrew words are recorded below.

Hebrew English Meaning
Adam Man (is)
Seth Appointed
Enosh Mortal
Caanan Sorrow (but)
Mahalalel The Blesses God
Jared Shall Come Down
Enoch Teaching (that)
Methuselah His death shall bring
Lamech The despairing
Noah Comfort

The English meanings of Noah’s ancestors thus read:

“Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow, (but) the Blessed God shall come down, teaching that His death shall bring the despairing comfort.”

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, rendered in the names of the ancestors of Noah. Nobody can choose the names of the parents or grandparents. This is one of the many proofs of the supernatural authority of the Bible. For further irrefutable evidence about the supernatural authority of the Bible, please visit The Bible is Supernatural on this web site.

We have therefore proved that Adam was a real person both from the Bible, and from the Genealogy of Noah.

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