Does It Matter Whether This Universe Was Created By God, Or Evolved Spontaneously?

Lily We believe that Christians should teach only Creation, because:

  1. The Bible is at stake, since the Bible supports only Creation.
  2. The credibility of Jesus Christ is at stake, since He is stated to be the Creator.
  3. The Book of Genesis in particular is at stake, since Jesus quoted Genesis 25 times.

Evolution is not a benign belief that can comfortably co-exist with Creation

  1. Either the Bible is rubbish, so we should discard both the Bible, and Jesus Christ.
  2. Or Evolution is rubbish, and we should discard Evolution, and stop teaching it as fact.
  3. There is no middle ground. God could not possibly have used Evolution, as will be discussed in Evolution is Impossible.
  4. The Bible says in Luke 3:38 that Adam was “the son of God”, not the son of a monkey!
  5. If Adam was “the son of God” according to Luke 3:38, Evolution is teaching a non Biblical heresy.
  6. Evolution is totally opposed to Biblical teaching, as we will attempt to demonstrate.
  7. We believe that teaching on Evolution since 1859 is the main reason that the Western World has largely abandoned true Bible based Christianity.

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