Dr Kent And Jo Hovind

Introduction To Dr Kent Hovind

Dr Kent And Jo Hovind Our main resource on Creation is Dr. Kent Hovind who is, in our view, the world expert on Creation:

Dr Kent Hovind
Creation Science Evangelism
29 Cummings Road
Pensacola, Florida USA 32503
Telephone: + 1-850-479-3466
Web site: www.drdino.com

Many of the slides in this presentation are used with the kind permission of Dr Kent Hovind. We have personally met Dr Kent Hovind when he lectured on Creation and Evolution at the Lakenheath American Air Force base in Suffolk, UK. There is a great deal of free Creation material at his Creation Science Evangelism web site www.drdino.com.

We thoroughly recommend Dr Kent Hovind’s books, videos and DVD’s, which are inexpensive, and of excellent quality.

When we met him, Dr Kent Hovind gave our UK charity, The Final Frontier Charitable Trust, his personal permission to use his excellent teaching material and slides, for which we are extremely grateful. Much of the Creation and Evolution material presented here is Dr Kent Hovind’s original teaching about Creation and Evolution.

Some of Dr Kent Hovind’s teaching has been adapted, and supplemented, with our own original material, and also with ideas and teachings from the following excellent teachers on Creation: Dr Chuck Missler, Dr Carl Baugh, Dr David Rosevear, and Dr Roger Oakland.

Dr Kent Hovind is a retired science teacher, who now speaks on Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs, all over the world. Dr Kent Hovind is invited every year to speak at Chuck Missler’s “Steeling the Mind” conference in the USA. He frequently appears on Dr Carl Baugh’s excellent TV series, “Creation in the 21st Century,” on TBN Christian TV, which is transmitted all over the world. Dr Kent Hovind is frequently seen on TV in debates about Creation, particularly with Dr Hugh Ross.

Sadly all great men of God attract criticism, and there appear to be a number of critics of Dr Kent Hovind. Creation is not a politically correct science in our atheist, secular world. Historically virtually all great men of God have been persecuted, beginning with Jesus Christ and His disciples. This criticism of Kent Hovind comes mainly from Evolutionists, but also from certain well known Creation ministries.

We have researched Creation for over 20 years. By far the best teacher, and the most accurate, in our opinion, is Dr Kent Hovind. We are absolutely delighted to be associated with this great man of God. Dr Kent Hovind’s material is easily understood. He has excellent teaching skills, his slides are excellent, he has a sharp mind, and a good sense of humour. Furthermore, he is very generous with his material, which is not copyrighted (unlike most Creation ministries).

Rather than criticise Evolutionists Dr Kent Hovind has for many years offered a $250,000 incentive for anyone who can actually prove the Theory of Evolution. For details click here: www.drdino.com/articles.php?spec=67. This offer has been available on his web site for many years, and has never been claimed. In our opinion, it never will be.

In all of our lectures on different topics, we have decided to benefit from the teachings of the best specialists in their fields, according to their actual published material, and never on the basis of current popular opinion, whatever that opinion may be.

The current popular opinion about Creation is that it is a fairy story. If the scoffers and sceptics about Creation are so sure of their Evolution theories, why have none of them managed to write a simple thesis to prove the Theory of Evolution, and earn themselves a very easy $250,000 from Kent Hovind? If you are a sceptic or a scoffer, here is your chance to win $250,000 (click here: www.drdino.com/articles.php?spec=67)

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