Examples Of Evangelism


Taxi Taxis are wonderful places for personal evangelism! It is so easy and so natural to talk to the driver. We have spoken to taxi drivers on many, many occasions. We ask the driver all about himself, his work, and his taxi. Then we introduce ourselves, and simply ask him what is going to happen to him when he dies. He usually says something like, “I hope I will go to Heaven”. What a wonderful introduction to the next question, “Well, would you like to be certain of going to Heaven?” We have never been turned down yet!
We are expecting to meet a large group of taxi drivers in Heaven!

Incidentally, taxi drivers should not shut their eyes when they pray, or you might find yourself in Heaven sooner than you had planned!

Recently, in Barbados, we were just about to pray with the taxi driver, as he was driving, when he suddenly stopped and picked up two English tourists. We were initially confused, but the Holy Spirit spoke to us about including these two new passengers in the salvation prayer. So we invited them to join in, and three people entered the Kingdom of Heaven instead of one!
Some people would take offence, but Jesus commanded believers to preach the Gospel to everyone! In this case, it included two extra passengers!


Airport People are bored at airports, and often have an hour or two with nothing to do other than drink coffee and keep an eye on the flight monitor. So we just start talking to them, and ask them where they are going. Sooner or later, they ask us where we are going, so we tell them. We are often going somewhere to tell people how to go to Heaven, so we tell them that too! Then we ask them, “When you die, would you like to go to Heaven?” They usually do not know, so we simply lead them to Jesus.

Shops and Supermarkets

Shops are wonderful places for evangelism. Just talk to people, and they talk back if you show an interest in them! We often lead people to the Lord in shops! Recently, in Trinidad, we spoke to the supermarket owner outside his own shop. He was a Sikh. We told him that Jesus loves Sikhs. He was very interested, so we led him to Jesus. With his permission we then led all the checkout staff and most of the customers to Jesus. It was all very, very easy!

Car parks

Car parks are perfect for evangelism. We have led countless people to Jesus in car parks in many countries! It is so simple!


When we are travelling, we always ask the waiters and waitresses if they are born again. They are usually not, so, very simply, we pray with them, whilst they invite Jesus Christ into their hearts! We tell them not to shut their eyes, and nobody else would know what is happening except us and the Lord.

We prefer to speak to the headwaiter first. When he is saved we ask his permission to speak to all his staff, and we have never been refused yet! There are often opportunities to speak to customers as well, although it is important to be polite and ask permission to speak first.

In fast food restaurants we ask customers permission to sit with them. We have never been refused. Recently in a fast food restaurant in the US Virgin Islands we led twelve people to Jesus, sitting at their, tables within 30 minutes.

A miracle in a restaurant

In the same island, at another restaurant, we led first the waitress, then the cocktail waiter, then a lady from New York, then the restaurant owner’s son, and finally the restaurant owner to the Lord.

The new little band of converts were getting very excited, and wanted more, so they all received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit ten minutes after being born again.

One of the group of brand new Christians was a lady, an attractive blonde from New York. She wanted the whole group to pray for her Muslim husband. He seemed not to be interested, so the lady persuaded her husband that prayer would help him with a health problem, and he then readily agreed.

We all started to pray in tongues (a supernatural prayer language). The Moslem man then sat up in astonishment, and asked us why we were all praising God in Ancient Arabic which he taught in a university! Nobody within the group spoke any Arabic, let alone Ancient Arabic!

Jesus loves all Moslems, and so do we.

Taxi ranks

Taxi drivers are waiting to do some work, so why not go and talk to them! We do! We find that they are often delighted to talk to us for a few minutes. We are friendly, ask them about themselves, and then lead them to Jesus. What could be easier!

Workmen in public places

We always ask permission from the person in charge before speaking to workmen in public places. We simply ask who is in charge, and go to speak to them. We are very polite, ask them about themselves, and lead them to Jesus. Then we ask their permission to speak to all the other workers on the site, and do the same! It is all very easy. In 15 minutes we have often lead 10 people to Jesus.

Often the largest man is rude, and says he is too busy to talk about religion. We always say we hate religion too – we have come to tell him how to go to Heaven, and avoid Hell, and add that the foreman has given his permission for us to talk to him. This usually changes the situation, and as soon as he has received Jesus Christ into his heart, everyone else is queuing up to receive salvation!

Gardens and beaches

Public gardens and beaches anywhere are ideal for evangelism. Just walk up to people, chat to them, and lead them to the Lord! It sounds easy – well, it is! People relax in gardens and on the beaches. Nobody wants to go to Hell, and everyone wants to go to Heaven.

Beach You need to know your Scriptures, and it really helps to know about Scientific Evidence for Creation and The Supernatural Authority of the Bible, because these are the two questions that most people will ask you about. What could be more pleasant than spending two hours in a garden, or on a beach, talking to people about Heaven? After your first convert, you will never look at a garden or a beach in the same way!

A town square in Bulgaria

In 1992 a number of us visited Bulgaria. Standing on a table, preaching to a large crowd about how to go to Heaven, we were concerned that two armed policemen approached us! So we stopped speaking to the crowd, and addressed the policemen directly.

We told them that God loved them, and that Jesus Christ had died on a cross for them, so that they could go to Heaven instead of Hell. They listened politely, and at the short time of prayer, prayed that they too might be born again! Isn’t God wonderful?

Sports and other out of doors hobbies

Running What is your hobby? Do you like golf, cycling, walking, swimming, jogging, climbing, sunbathing, tennis, sailing, or anything else? We guess that you have something you like to do with other people!

Whatever you do, do not give up these “secular “hobbies! God wants you to enjoy the open air, and to keep fit! The more you enjoy life, the more attractive you are to the unsaved!

We enjoy long distance running, and training for marathons. We run most days, and there are countless opportunities to speak to others runners about Jesus. On recent visits to Malta and Barbados we have had the pleasure of leading dozens of runners to Jesus! Sometimes we pray with them as they are running! Sometimes we pray with them as we stop. Recently, in Malta, we joined with the local running club. After a long run, ending at the beach, we addressed all of them on the beach, and they all became Christians!

Villages in Kenya, Bulgaria, and the Caribbean

On many occasions we have spent the afternoon walking round villages in various parts of the world with the local pastor, inviting people to receive Jesus Christ. It is very exciting, very fulfilling, and you rapidly learn all you need to know about evangelism!

Hotels in England

We often speak at FGBMFI meetings in the UK. We often find that what happens before and after meetings is more important than the actual meeting itself. We try to speak to the hotel manager / restaurant manager first, and thank him for his nice hotel / restaurant. Then we give him one of our books, and ask him if he is looking forward to going to Heaven! We usually find that he is embarrassed or speechless!

So we then explain about Heaven and Hell, and how Jesus died so that he can go to Heaven. We then ask him if he would like to receive Jesus Christ, to ensure a place in Heaven. Once he is saved, we ask if we can speak to his other staff, including the kitchen staff. We have never been refused yet!

A university campus in Trinidad

We recently spoke at an FGBMFI breakfast on a university campus in Trinidad. There were few unsaved guests at the breakfast, so, before it started, we walked around the university speaking to the students about Jesus Christ. Many students received Him. It was all very easy and great fun!

Schools in many parts of the world

Schools are the best evangelistic places on this planet! We find it best if a local pastor makes an appointment with the headmaster / headmistress first, to address the entire school at their morning assembly. It is best to arrive early at the school, so that you have time to speak to the headmaster / headmistress first. We find that it is best to be completely open an honest, and explain that you want to address the whole school about the need to be born again. Sometimes we open up the Bible at John 3:7, where Jesus states: “You must be born again”.

School With very few exceptions we have always had complete freedom to preach the gospel. We find that we have only about 20 minutes, so we often recount two Near Death Experiences. We then read the Bible. In the last 5 minutes we pray out loud and invite the whole school, including all the staff, to join in if they want to.

Only God knows how many have been saved in this simple way, but it must number many thousands of people! And it is all so very easy, and takes so little time. Having started off the day be winning a hundred people to Jesus, you can afford to treat yourself to a sleep in the park, a run in the countryside, a cup of coffee, or whatever takes your fancy. Like us, you will find that the Holy Spirit will bring many more to you that very day!

Hospitals in Bulgaria

We visited the local hospitals with the local pastor, and walked from bed to bed inviting each person to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Hospitals are wonderful places for evangelism. Always ask the permission of the hospital administrators first, and then the doctors and nurses on each ward, before you speak to any patients. God wants you to be polite, and go through the correct processes, but do not forget to speak to the administrators, doctors and nurses about their need to be saved! Not only do they need to be saved, but, when they are, they will fall over themselves trying to help you speak to all the patients!


We often speak in high or low security prisons in the UK. The local Christians make the arrangements. They have the hard part – we have the easy part! We simply turn up, go through the security checks, and see how many prisoners turn up. We start off by asking them to put their hands in the air if they are born again – usually very few are.

So we tell them a few Near Death Experiences, tell them about Jesus, and invite them to pray to receive Jesus. We well remember convicted murderers with tears in their eyes, having just become Christians.

Death Row in the Philippines

Muntinlupa Prison We visited Death Row in Muntinlupa Prison in the Philippines, and worked there for many weeks. Prisoners are executed regularly. These prisoners knew they would imminently find out if the Bible was true or not! We have never seen such enthusiasm to become born again! Every single prisoner awaiting imminent execution, about 120 of the total 1,100 on Death Row prayed The Sinner’s Prayer For Evangelism, as well as the attending prison officers.

There were 12 rival gangs of prisoners operating in the prison, and every prisoner belonged to one gang or another. So we spoke to every single gang leader, and every single vice-gang leader, and lead them all to Christ. They promised to lead all their gang to Christ. There are Christian churches operating within Death Row, and we befriended and encouraged the leaders.

The Holy Spirit overcame problems in a prison in Grenada

Recently, in Granada, we went to a prison where the authorities would not let us speak to all the prisoners, but only allowed us to take a service for 12 committed Christians! No problem! The Holy Spirit does not need us! The prisoners who are Christians would be the ideal 12 disciples to reach the other 312 inmates! We invited them to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and waited until they were all speaking in tongues. When they we, we explained the purpose of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, to give them power to witness to their fellow prisoners – which they promptly did!

Baggage buggies in Barbados

In Barbados where we were recently speaking at a conference, the hotel took our cases to our rooms by delightful men in small electric baggage buggies. As we sat beside them we led them to Jesus, and often had time to pray for them to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as well, all in a 5-minute buggy ride! What fun!

A busy ferry in Kenya

There were hundreds of people waiting to cross the river on a ferry. So we simply stood on a wooden table, and started to speak to them. It was enormously successful, so the next day the local pastor came, complete with PA equipment! Again we spoke, and invited prayer. The air was quiet as dozens of people waiting for the ferry invited Jesus Christ to be Lord of their lives.


We often speak in orphanages, where the staff are invariably very open and welcoming. We find that orphanages do not have many visiting speakers, especially from a foreign country. In Bulgaria there is great ignorance about the Bible, so we read out passages from the Bible, and leave Bibles with the staff.

A financial contribution to the needs of the orphanage is always welcome, and Jesus asked us to do this. We then preach the Gospel, and invite everyone to receive Jesus Christ. Only God knows how many children have received Jesus in this simple way.


Hotel kitchens are normally out of bounds to hotel guests! We find that the best way to bypass this rule is to speak to the kitchen manager first. We ask him about himself, and invite him to receive Jesus Christ. When he is truly saved, we ask his permission to speak to all his staff. We have not been turned down yet.

A miracle in Jamaica

We attended a mission in Jamaica which included evangelists, doctors, dentists and nurses. One of the group of 30 people was not a Christian, and not remotely interested either! However, she said she might be was interested if God, if He existed, could help her with her sleeping problem. This dear lady has inadvertently been involved in occult practices many years before, without realising it. Since then, when trying to sleep, her whole body frequently levitated to the ceiling. Her whole family were well aware of the problem!

During these levitations, she then became very frightened as she felt herself being propelled by unseen forces towards the window, presumably trying to throw her out of the building. This was the reason that she always slept in a ground floor bedroom, with the windows locked. Naturally, she was very frightened.

The New Testament does speak about demons, and we felt, in consultation with the family, that this was the underlying problem, following the involvement with occult activities.

She agreed for a group of believers to pray with her. She was delivered, born again, and baptised in the Holy Spirit, all very simply, quickly, and gently. The whole matter was quietly settled in prayer. The very next morning she, and a number of her family, were all baptised in the hotel swimming pool! There were no more sleep problems ever again!

Caution: Do NOT under any circumstances get involved in deliverance of demons until you are a mature Christian, and then only working with other mature Christians, and only with the full agreement of the person needing help. No loud prayer is necessary at all. Demons are not deaf!

A President

Recently we were visiting an island, and the President attended one of our meetings, complete with a stretch limousine, a soldier in uniform, and a throne to sit in! We simply asked him if he wanted to go to Heaven when he died, and he was born again immediately. Out of respect for the President, we have not revealed the location of the island.


Evangelist Evangelism can be done literally everywhere! There is not a single place on this planet where God does not want you to speak about Jesus! Jesus in fact commanded us to go everywhere, so that is where we should go!

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in Heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age,” Matthew 28:18-20.

  • We are so glad that you have read this!
  • Are you getting the idea? Good!
  • You are going to be a wonderful evangelist, and lead many, many people to Jesus.
  • Please read the next section – and be encouraged!
  • Evangelism is easy! Evangelism is fun!
  • It is easy to just talk to somebody – you can do it.
  • Everyone feels “empty” – there doesn’t seem to be any meaning to life.
  • We talk to people all the time, just wherever they are.
  • Sometimes we talk to lots of people, but mostly one at a time.
  • We have one simple rule.
  • If they are dead, it’s too late for evangelism.
  • They are already either in Heaven, or in Hell.
  • This is serious.

We are almost invariably accompanied on our evangelistic trips by pastors and church members. By all means read their comments about this type of evangelism at Recommendations.

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