How To Speak To Complete Strangers

Family This is one way to do it. You do not have to do it the same way, but trust me this way works! We have been using this method for 30 years. This is a simple way to get people saved! And, it is really easy! Try it!

1. Talk to them

In personal evangelism simply talk to the other person! Be friendly, and ask about the other person. Smile! It helps!

Sometimes you will speak to whole families. This is ideal! Just introduce yourself politely, ask them all about their family, their home, their job, and anything else they want to talk about.

2. Ask permission to ask them a question

Then say, “Can I please ask you a question?”

3. Ask them this question

“When you die, would you like to go to Heaven?”

Virtually everyone will reply “Yes, I want to go to Heaven” or “I hope to go to Heaven”.

Be direct! Do not be vague – be very direct, so that it is not possible for listeners to misunderstand what you are talking about!

4. Tell them about being born again

Jesus Teaching Then say “Have you heard what Jesus said? He said to go to Heaven you must be born again” Now you have really got them interested! They usually reply, “Yes, I have heard that”.

If they have not heard any of this, show them in the Bible. It is in John 3:3, and John 3:7.

5. Ask them if they are born again

Ask them “Have you be born again?”

If they have not been born again, ask them if they would like to be, to be sure of going to Heaven!

6. Invite your listener to be born again

It only takes a few minutes to explain the Gospel to them, and simply to pray, right there and then! They will not be experts in doctrine, but they will be born again! The Holy Spirit will then lead them into all truth.

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