Road To Heaven

Introduction to Evangelism

Road To Heaven In this teaching Dr Richard Kent addresses Evangelism in the light of Eternity. What could be more important than people ending up in Heaven rather than Hell?

Evangelism is incredibly important, which is why Jesus’ last commandment was for His disciples to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation,” Mark 16:15.

Contrary to normal church practice today, Jesus Christ and His disciples did most of their evangelism on a personal one to one level. Jesus did not have evangelistic meetings in His synagogue!


  • Jesus called Peter, James and John as He walked along the beach
  • He called Matthew as he was collecting taxes
  • He spoke to the lady at the well
  • He spoke to Zacchaeus whilst he was up a sycamore tree!
  • He rescued a woman as she was about to be executed
  • Jesus sent 72 disciples out into the villages to speak to people in their houses (Luke 10:5)
  • Jesus spoke to the thief on the Cross

Jesus Preaching The blunt truth is that unbelievers do not want to come to church! Unbelievers find church services threatening and boring, and would rather play golf or wash the car! This is why Jesus commanded His disciples to go to them!

Many Christians are genuinely struggling to find something useful to do within their own church, because all the jobs within the church are already occupied! For most people, Evangelism is the very best, and the most exciting, ministry.

There are no examinations to pass, and there is nobody to impress, other than the Lord Himself! On the Day of Judgement, it will become abundantly clear that this neglected ministry was actually incredibly important!

We address the seldom tackled subject of “How to very easily speak to other people about Jesus Christ, and see amazing results!”

This very simple method of bringing people to a point of decision can be taught in 10 minutes, and will completely transform your personal evangelism, and your church! Evangelism is a subject which does not come naturally, and Richard was himself taught!

Philip The Evangelist The Sinner’s Prayer For Evangelism is taught in very great detail, since so many versions omit the all essential repentance from sin, and forgiveness of others (see Luke 24:47).

Richard also teaches how to rely about the Holy Spirit to convict individuals of their own sin, simply using their consciences, whilst keeping all details completely private to the individual.

Philip the Evangelist is covered in great detail in Acts 8, since his lifestyle gives enormous insight into true New Testament evangelism.

Blocks to evangelism are covered, as well as the essential Baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Richard Kent Richard and Val have worked with many churches in many countries teaching practical personal evangelism as part of their FREE CONFERENCES. (please link to Free Conferences) They will work with your people, in your church or organisation, entirely free!

Since this is a very practical subject, Richard and Val will actually accompany your church members or your organisation on evangelistic visits to hospitals, prisons, beaches, or parks, in fact anywhere where people gather, and the Gospel may be preached.

Individuals really do want to go to Heaven, but often have not had a clear explanation of how to! The genuine Christians who they often meet everyday are often too embarrassed to tell them!

Richard Evangelising Using this simple yet Biblical technique, it is not unusual to see several hundred patients in a hospital, or several hundred prisoners, praying The Sinners Prayer For Evangelism with individual church members working as a team at such outreaches.

All evangelists should obviously work within churches, so that new converts can be given suitable material, such as the Gospel of John, and followed up by church leaders.

We give a number of examples of practical evangelism in taxis, airports, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, building sites, gardens, beaches, schools, hospitals and prisons, and encourage all church members to talk to everyone, wherever they meet them!

  • Richard and Val have only one rule.
  • If the person they are talking to is not breathing, they are too late!
  • That person is in Heaven or Hell already!

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