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Exploring the Wonders of God’s Creation: The Human Brain 


Welcome to “To the Point,” a program that delves into the supernatural marvel of the human body, specifically focusing on the intricate creation of the human brain. Crafted in the image of God, the human body stands as a testament to divine design.

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The Miracle of the Human Brain

Embarking on our journey, we delve into the human brain, hailed as the single most complicated system in the entire universe. Weighing only three pounds, it performs tasks that rival the capabilities of a thousand NASA supercomputers.

God’s Perfect Design

Intriguingly, the human brain generates its own electricity, a stark contrast to NASA supercomputers that rely on external power sources. Designed by God, the human brain seldom breaks down, showcasing divine perfection. Unlike its technological counterparts, the brain doesn’t require cooling systems or special temperatures, operating on microvolts of power.

Protective Measures

To safeguard this delicate yet sophisticated computer, God has provided a robust defense system. Encased in a thick skull and surrounded by three tough membranes filled with cerebrospinal fluid, the brain is well-protected. This intricate setup is crucial for the functioning of the entire nervous system.

Functional Marvels of the Brain

Beyond protection, the brain controls various bodily functions, from temperature regulation to heartbeat and breathing, all done seamlessly without conscious thought. It processes information from the five physical senses, integrating proprioceptive information for balance and coordination.

The Nervous System Unveiled

Comprising the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, the nervous system is a vast, integrated information processing and control system. Neurons, the building blocks of this system, transmit signals at an astonishing speed of 250 miles per hour.

Electrical Symphony

The brain’s electrical activity is a marvel, generating 10 to 25 watts of power. Without the need for external technicians, the brain orchestrates a symphony of electrical impulses, showcasing its divine design.

Insights into Neurons

Neurons, the brain’s cells, resemble gates and wires in a computer. Transmitting electrical impulses at remarkable speeds, they form connections that contribute to the brain’s astounding storage capacity.

Protection from Pain

Interestingly, the brain itself does not feel pain. Headaches are attributed to blood vessels around the brain. With a hundred thousand miles of blood vessels, the brain operates seamlessly.

Growth and Division

In the womb, the baby’s brain grows rapidly, producing 8,000 brain cells per second—faster than any other organ. The brain’s 10 trillion cells, if placed end to end, would stretch a hundred thousand miles.

Brain’s Complexity and Functionality

Divided into left and right hemispheres, the brain controls the opposite sides of the body. Its 100 billion nerve cells work tirelessly, regulating bodily actions and reactions. The central nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, covers 45 miles throughout the body.

The Brain’s Vast Connectivity

Picture the vastness of the Amazon rainforest, each tree adorned with countless leaves. Much like the leaves in the rainforest, your brain boasts around a thousand trillion connections. These connections facilitate the transmission of electrical impulses at a remarkable speed of 248 miles per hour.

Electrical Symphony and Energy Consumption

Within the brain, five trillion chemical operations per second unfold, a number akin to the trees that blanket our planet. Despite its mere three-pound weight, the brain consumes a staggering 20% of the body’s energy. The importance of oxygen becomes evident, as a 10-second interruption in blood supply leads to unconsciousness.

Nervous System Insights

The nervous system, a network of neurons, operates similarly to the vast telephone system on Earth. With a hundred billion neurons, each communicating with thousands of others, the brain orchestrates both voluntary and autonomic functions.

Wiring Up a Baby’s Brain

Intriguingly, a baby’s brain undergoes a complex wiring process in the womb. Chemical signals guide developing neurons, much like target beacons and signpost cells, ensuring precise growth dictated by the DNA’s programming.

The Growth of a Baby’s Brain

The first year of a baby’s life witnesses the brain’s growth at an astonishing rate, tripling in size. Synaptic connections increase dramatically, showcasing the brain’s unparalleled developmental pace.

Insights from a Brain Specialist

Dr. David, a specialist in brains, emphasizes the brain’s uniqueness. He highlights its flexibility, enabling the acquisition of new skills, information, and memories. His research includes mapping the brain to understand the correlation between brain regions and specific activities.

The Importance of Conscience and God’s Word

Transitioning to the spiritual realm, we explore our sixth sense—conscience. The Bible narrates instances where individuals, convicted by their conscience, refrained from judgment. However, the seventh sense, reserved for believers, is God’s Word. The Bible, when embraced with faith, becomes a transformative force, renewing the spirit of the mind.

Renewing the Mind with God’s Word

The importance of renewing the mind echoes through biblical passages. Believers are urged to be transformed by the illuminating power of God’s Word, letting it transfigure their entire being.


As we conclude this enlightening journey, remember the significance of God’s creation, particularly the intricacies of the human brain. Your feedback is valuable; feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Explore more teachings on our website,, where you can also order free DVDs. Join us again on “To the Point” as we continue to unveil the supernatural marvels of God’s creation. God bless you!

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