VIDEO – DNA is totally supernatural, and created by God. How DNA works With Dr Richard Kent


Understanding the Miraculous Complexity of DNA


Hello and welcome to “To the Point.” I’m Dr. Laura, joined by my co-host Richard. Today, we delve into the fascinating world of DNA, a microscopic molecule that holds incredible amounts of information guiding the development of our bodies. Created by a divine intelligence, DNA carries instructions from our parents, shaping aspects such as eye color and hair length.

Unveiling the Complexity of DNA

Richard introduces DNA as the most intricate code in the universe, surpassing the simplicity of computer codes. Unlike the familiar zeros and ones, DNA’s geometric code intricately arranges various chemicals, forming a powerful structure. In a short presentation, Richard emphasizes the remarkable encoding capacity of even the tiniest pinhead of DNA.

DNA’s Irreducible Complexity

Highlighting DNA’s irreducible complexity, Richard dismisses the notion of chance evolution. He compares DNA to two mobile phones and their SIM cards, emphasizing the precision and coordination required for cellular functions. The presentation reinforces the idea that DNA and messenger RNA, crucial for protein synthesis, showcase intelligent design rather than random chance.

Medical Implications of DNA Malfunctions

As a medical doctor, Dr. Laura sheds light on diseases linked to DNA malfunctions. Various genetic disorders, such as hemophilia, autism, and breast cancer, result from mutations or deletions in DNA. The list includes well-known conditions like cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, and familial hypercholesterolemia, emphasizing the impact of misinformation or lack of information encoded in DNA.

The Complexity Defies Evolution

The discussion pivots back to Richard, who addresses the challenge of convincing people that life did not evolve randomly from a few cells. Observing the disorder when a few cells are combined, he stresses the absence of regulated sequential development. Dr. Laura echoes the sentiment, underlining the irreducible complexity of DNA as evidence against the notion of random evolution.

Challenging Evolutionary Theories

Our conversation kicks off by addressing Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Scrutinizing the questionable basis of Natural Selection. Unlike Darwin’s observations of finches, genetic mutations in real life lead to diseases, not improvements. We emphasize the absence of superhumans resulting from genetic mutations. Debunking the concept of evolutionary progress within the human gene pool.

Human Design vs. God’s Design

Drawing parallels between human-made designs and God’s divine creation, we delve into the meticulous planning behind objects like cars and tall buildings. We highlight the collaboration of numerous experts in designing a single entity, contrasting it with the awe-inspiring design of the human body, composed of thousands of intricate systems.

Divine Blueprint of the Human Body

Transitioning to God’s design, we explore the unparalleled complexity of the human body, intricately imprinted with unique designs for each of its 100 trillion cells. Emphasizing the divine origin, we reference biblical verses that speak to God’s creation of man and the intricate process of forming the first human body from the dust of the ground.

The Miraculous Role of DNA

Acknowledging DNA as the most complex code in the universe, we stress its role as the foundational genetic code imprinted with instructions for every system within the human body. The discussion includes the extraordinary design of messenger RNA, showcasing the intelligent programming by an external agency, affirming the divine nature of DNA.

DNA: Proof of God’s Existence

Expressing our passion for the subject, we refute the theory of evolution, highlighting the commonality of DNA mutations in the human body. Contrary to evolutionary claims, genetic mutations are not a path to improvement; instead, God has implemented a corrective system to ensure the precision of DNA.

Scriptural Validation

We turn to the Word of God, quoting John 1, which magnifies the power of God’s word in creation. The scripture underlines the everlasting nature of God’s word, emphasizing its role in the continuous creation and sustenance of life.


As we conclude our discussion, we encourage further interaction through email. Join us in future programs as we unravel more fascinating topics, providing insights into God’s marvelous creation. Thank you for tuning in to “To the Point,” where we unravel the mysteries of DNA and affirm the undeniable proof of God’s existence.

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