Gold Veneered Chariot Wheel

A Gold Veneered Chariot Wheel

Gold Veneered Chariot Wheel

One of Ron Wyatt most amazing finds was a gold veneered chariot wheel, which could only have been used by the Pharaoh, Ramases II. Ron was able to video the discovery, but was not able to actually recover the gold veneered chariot wheel, because the underlying wood or metal structure had disintegrated, leaving the gold veneer intact. Coral does not grow on gold, which is the reason that Ron was able to discover it.

Chariot Of Thutmoses Our friend, Aaron Sen has dived on several occasions at this site, and can testify to the validity of the discovery. In March 1998, he photographed the remains of a four spoke chariot wheel, and has also found human bones of which there are dozens scattered on the sea bed.

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