Chariot Parts On The Sea Bed

Chariot parts, and the remains of horses and humans found on the seabed

Chariot Parts On The Sea Bed

On diving down to the sea bed, in 1978, Ron Wyatt and his two sons found and photographed numerous coral encrusted chariot parts. Several dives since then have revealed more and more evidence.

When these coral formations were scanned with a metal detector, the readings read positive for iron. In a number of places they found broken pieces of coral that contained rust, such as this rusted axle.

Spoke Of Chariot Wheel One of his finds included an eight spoke chariot wheel, which Ron took to the director of Egyptian Antiquities, Dr. Nassif Mohammed Hassan.

After examining it Dr Hassan immediately announced it to be of the eighteenth dynasty, dating it to the Exodus of 1,445 B.C. When asked how he knew this Dr. Hassan explained that the eight spoke wheel was only used during this period, the lifetimes of Ramases II and Tutmoses (Moses).

Chariot Remains Chariot boxes, horse and human skeletal remains, four, six and eight spoke chariot wheels all lie as a silent testimony to the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea.

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