Wadi Watir Narrow Walkway

The Wadi Watir, leading to Nuweiba beach

Wadi Watir Narrow Walkway

After researching the route that the Israelites might have taken in their Exodus from Egypt, Ron Wyatt found that the Biblical description of the Exodus fitted perfectly with a deep gorge, called the Wadi Watir.

This deep ravine, a dried up river bed, passes though high mountains on both sides, leading from “the Way of the Wilderness of the Red Sea” (see below) to Nuweiba beach, on the shores of the Gulf of Aquaba.

Wadi Watir Satellite Image On close inspection of satellite photographs the Wadi Watir, a dried up river bed, can be clearly seen, as it snakes for 40 miles between the high mountains on each side.

Satellite photograph shows the Wadi Watir

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