King Solomon Column

The Columns erected by King Solomon

King Solomon Column Ron Wyatt found a column lying face down on the shore at Nuweiba beach, on the Egyptian side. On the Saudi side he found another exactly the same with an inscription in Archaic Hebrew that read:


Ron Wyatt believed that both columns were erected by King Solomon to celebrate and mark the passage of the Children of Israel through the Red Sea. The inscriptions could have been translated as follows:

“(Erected by King) SOLOMON (to mark the site where) YAHWEH (lead) MOSES (from) DEATH (in) EGYPT (under) PHARAOH (to) EDOM.”

Sadly, the column in Saudi Arabia has been removed by Saudi authorities, and a marker flag is all that is now to be seen. The inscriptions on the column found lying on the shore at Nuweiba beach, on the West side in Egypt, were eroded away. The authorities have since set this column in concrete by the road, where it may be clearly seen.

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