Stepping Through My Nightmares

About David Waite, Co-author Of This Book

Stepping Through My Nightmares

David Waite was born in Cheshire in 1946, and lived there, working in Local Government, until the early 1970’s when he moved to Oxfordshire to join a missionary organization. He became a Christian when he was 18, at a Christian holiday week held in Filey in Yorkshire.

He has been writing since 1988. His best selling autobiography, entitled “One Step at a Time”, was published by Kingsway in 1989. After the book was published, he began to write for a number of Christian magazines and newspapers in the United Kingdom, and has interviewed a wide range of Christians in the show business and sports world, as well as full time Christian workers in the United Kingdom and abroad.

In 1998 he worked with Sheila Barlow, who had been part of Saddam Hussein’s human shield during the Gulf War. This book, “Stepping Through My Nightmares”, won the prestigious Christian Broadcasting Council’s Gold Award for the Best Non-Fiction Christian Book of 1998.

David has been married for almost 34 years, and has four children. David has been a frequent after dinner speaker at FGBMFI and church meetings in Britain, as well as occasionally broadcasting on local radio in the “Thought for the Day” slot.

To contact David for speaking engagements, writing, broadcasting, or any other purpose, please write to him, or e-mail him at the following address:

David Waite
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship
UK Field Office
PO Box 11
WA16 6QP
E-mail: [email protected]

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