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The Story Of Richard Wright

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Richard Wright had a brain haemorrhage, and was then in a coma for three months. During this period he had his NDE, and saw both Jesus Christ and Heaven. This is his story.

I am going to write my testimony down exactly as it happened. I am very willing to take a polygraph for unbelievers. About 5 years ago I was out in my garage working on my car and then, suddenly, I felt something pop in my head right behind my right eye.

I went inside the house and told my wife that something was seriously wrong because it felt like someone had a garden hose, and the water was sprinkling to and fro inside my skull. As soon as I said that, I dropped dead!

My neighbour was a lady, and she gave me heart compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation until the paramedics arrived. They applied those electric paddles to my chest, and placed me on a helicopter bound for Cincinnati. I do not remember the helicopter ride! I was told about this later on.

The next thing I knew, I started to regain consciousness in the Emergency Room, because I could hear the doctors giving orders to the nurses. All of a sudden, I heard the strangest, but sweetest noise. I thought to myself, “What in the world could that be?”

I opened one eye and looked over to the door of the Emergency Room, and there stood my Grandma, my Grandpa, my aunt, and my cousin, all of who had died years ago, just standing at the doorway smiling and waving for me to come on!

I was amazed to see them, and quickly found myself through the door and out into the hallway. My mother-in-law, who had died about 11 years previously, came up to me and hugged me. She said, “When you get back, give this to my baby.”

It was then that I turned around and saw my body lying in the Emergency Room! Just a split second later I saw a white light. It was so beautiful and hard to describe that words just cannot do it justice.

It felt as though the light went right through you, and that every pore in your body was being bathed in love and understanding. It was a truly wonderful feeling. I remember distinctly telling myself that this was not a dream. As I looked, the hair stood straight up on my arms in anticipation and wonder.

When I travelled to the other side of the light, I was standing on a huge grassy hill with a big green valley below, beautiful forests on both sides, and a crystal blue lake in the distance. I was amazed. Then I looked to my left and there stood Jesus! I was astounded, and He looked down at me, smiled, and said, “Pretty impressive, isn’t it?”

All my fears were gone, and I laughed. Then he said, “I want you to go back and take care of your children for me”. The first thought that came to my mind was, “But Jesus, what if I don’t make it back the second time?” He could read my thoughts immediately and said, “You will be fine”. Then, as He turned me around, another thought came to mind. I thought that perhaps nobody would believe me! Jesus said, “They will see the truth in your eyes.”

I woke up from a coma 3 months later and remembered everything exactly. It seemed like I was asleep just for a few minutes. Jesus is real!

Richard Wright is a devoted Christian now. His greatest satisfaction is being able to tell the truth to a lost soul and watch their eyes light up. He tells his story mostly in hospitals, to the old veterans.

The true story of Richard Wright is included, with kind permission, in the free e-book BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER which includes 27 similar true stories, and may be freely read and downloaded from this web site.

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