Turin Shroud

The Shroud Of Turin Actually Proves The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Turin Shroud

The Shroud of Turin has been a mystery for many centuries, and is discussed in great detail in our teaching on THE SHROUD OF TURIN PROVES THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST on this web site.

  1. We believe that the Image on the Shroud can be explained by the Bible, and an application of known laws of Theoretical Physics.
  2. We believe that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is proved by the following:
  3. We believe that the Image on the Shroud of Turin is fundamentally a scorch in photo-negative, caused by radiation, with the appearance of an X-ray, but with additional distance imaging properties.
  4. We believe that the photo-negative Image on the Shroud of Turin was produced at the Resurrection by the emission of soft X-rays.
  5. We believe that the Physics of the Resurrection was a phenomenon not dissimilar to the Physics of the Transfiguration, with the radiation of light as a major feature, as Jesus Christ assumed His Glorified Body on both occasions.
  6. We believe that the soft X-rays were released at the Resurrection, caused by the intense radiation of light and subatomic particles, probably moving at the speed of light.
  7. We believe that the intense emission of light and subatomic particles caused vaporisation of the molecules within the Shroud to the elements Nitrogen and Carbon.
  8. We believe that the Nitrogen and Carbon were then converted to radioactive C-14, as happens every day in the atmosphere of Planet Earth.
  9. We believe that the incorrect Carbon Dating of the Shroud (approximately 1325 A.D) is explained by an incorrect interpretation of the cause of the additional radioactive molecules of Carbon (C-14) present in the Shroud.
  10. Additional C-14 is present in the Shroud of Turin, as demonstrated by the 1998 experiments on the Shroud.
  11. We believe that rather than proving that the Shroud is dated 1325 A.D. approximately, it actually proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  12. As explained on our web site the additional radioactive C-14 molecules could be explained by either the Shroud being a 14th Century Shroud, or by the Shroud being a First Century Shroud which has been subjected to additional radiation.
  13. As proved by Dr Accetta, the image on the Shroud was almost certainly caused by radiation.
  14. Since there are 12 other scientific tests that indicate that the Shroud is a First Century Shroud, it does seem that the Shroud must have been subjected to radiation, causing the photo-negative Image.
  15. The Image on the Shroud was therefore almost certainly caused by radiation released at the time of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  16. The scientists who interpreted the findings of the 1988 Carbon dating tests on the Shroud clearly did not take into consideration the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which released radiation, causing the photo-negative Image on the Shroud.

For full details of our teaching on THE SHROUD OF TURIN PROVES THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST, please visit our charity web site at www.finalfrontier.org.uk

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