Beyond The Final Frontier

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Beyond The Final Frontier

The purpose of this book is simply to present the reality of eternal life to the reader in an interesting and exciting format, and in a format than can be freely transmitted on the Internet.

Following the success of the book, “The Final Frontier” published by HarperCollins in 1997, this new book contains 27 more stories of Near Death Experiences. However, more space is devoted in this second book to establishing both the reality of God, the fact the Bible is totally supernatural, and a deeper study of life after death, according to the Bible.

This book was originally published by HarperCollins in the UK in 2000. It was subsequently published by Zondervan in the USA. It was written by Dr Richard Kent and David Waite.

In 2005 the copyright of this book reverted to The Final Frontier Charitable Trust (Dr Richard Kent’s UK charity number 1106663). The aim of this charity is simply to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, entirely free.

The trustees of this charity have decided to make this e-Book freely available on line. It may be freely downloaded and distributed, but this e-Book may not be sold (see next chapter).

The book has been updated by Dr Richard Kent to include new research by many practising doctors in the USA and the UK on Near Death Experiences, and details of two free movies, “The Final Frontier” and “The Lazarus Phenomenon” available on this web site.

Dr Kent has also included a section about the aggregated experiences of over 300 patients who have had Near Death Experiences in the chapter, “What is it really like to die, and what happens next?”

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