Turin Shroud

Jesus Carried The Cross-beam To Golgotha

The Crucifixion Of Jesus

Jesus Carried The Cross-beam To Golgotha

Turin Shroud The Cross used during Christ’s time was a “Low Tau Cross” made of two parts:

  1. The Patibulum, the Cross-Bar, which the prisoner carried to the place of execution.
  2. The Stipes Crucis which was already in place, an upright heavy beam inserted into the ground.

The Shroud shows a wide area of bruises over each anatomical shoulder area. The patibulum weighed approximately 80 pounds, and Jesus carried this on His shoulders to Golgotha. It may be clearly seen on the Shroud that the wounds from the Scourging have been opened up in the process. There is also widespread bruising over both scapular regions.

Jesus fell three times whilst carrying the heavy patibulum, tied to his arms. The Shroud shows that he sustained fractured nasal cartilages, and a laceration to His left knee. Matching dirt (Travertine Aragonite) from Jerusalem is also found on the Shroud, at these two sites. For full details please see The Shroud of Turin Proves the Resurrection on this web site.

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