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Dr Accetta’s experiment

The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection

Dr Accetta’s experiment to explain the image formation on the Shroud

Dr Accetta Until recently, the exact mechanism of the formation of the image was unknown. However, Dr August Acetta M.D. of STURP has presented a hypothesis concerning the mechanism of the image formation on the Shroud.

Dr August Accetta is an American radiologist, and founder of the Shroud Center of Southern California, 8840 Warner Ave, Suite 200, Fountain Valley CA 92708, USA www.shroudcentersocal.com

Dr Accetta’s experiment on himself, presented at a STURP meeting, is, in our opinion, perhaps the most significant experiment ever performed to discover the mechanism of the image formation on the Shroud of Turin.

Dr Accetta injected into his own veins a solution of methylene diphosphate, containing radioactive technetium-99m, a radioisotope with a short half life. The radiation from the technetium atoms produced gamma rays, which could be detected by the VP8 Image Analysing Computer.

green human image Dr Accetta produced an image on the VP8 computer similar, but with less definition, than the Shroud image.

We have quoted a brief abstract of Dr Accetta’s experiment, quoted from www.shroud.com/dallasmt.htm

“If indeed a corpse created the image we see on the Turin Shroud, then the source of energy to create this image may have come from emitted biochemical bond energy. We have used a human model labelled with radioactive methylene diphosphinate to successfully reproduce some of the many Shroud image characteristics, such as borderless density shading, soft tissue and skeletal information, vertical alignment and non-contact imaging by capturing emitted radiation using a gamma camera and vertical collimator. Conclusion: Some significant Shroud image characteristics can be best explained using an emitting radiation model. No other human model study we know of has approximated the Shroud image this closely.”

According to Dr Accetta’s own web site www.shroudcentersocal.com

  • “The Shroud behaves as a photographic negative. The Shroud encodes three-dimensional (3-D) data which corresponds to a three-dimensional body.
  • The image is without substance, but rather is due to change within the linen itself.
  • The Shroud image exhibits anatomical structures clearly not in contact with the cloth, e.g., thus suggesting a type of autoradiograph (X-Ray).
  • Medical radiation imaging has, by far, come the closest to reproducing the totality of the image. Yet, the Shroud image remains a mystery that cannot be duplicated.”

Our own conclusions from Dr Accetta’s experiment

medical internal image According to Dr. Accetta, the Image on the Shroud may have been caused by the radiation given off by the body within the Shroud. He went further, and showed how an image, similar to the Shroud image, could be formed by injecting a radio-isotope into his own body, and creating an image of his own body, using gamma ray radiation, on a VP8 Image Analysing Computer.

We have made our own conclusions from Dr Acetta’s amazing experiment:

  1. It has been established by many scientists that there is no paint on the Shroud at all.
  2. Other mechanisms for the formation of the image on the Shroud have been proposed, but not demonstrated scientifically.
  3. However, Dr Accetta has actually shown scientifically how the Image on the Shroud could have been formed by Gamma rays, in a similar way to the formation of X-rays such as are seen in hospital Radiology departments today.
  4. Furthermore, he has shown that his gamma radiation theory can be scientifically reproduced in an experiment on himself.
  5. This is an admirable example of true basis of all scientific observation and conclusion.
  6. Dr Accetta performed a true and, to our knowledge, unique scientific experiment to show how the image on the shroud may have been caused:
    • Dr Accetta constructed a scientific hypothesis about the mechanism of the Image formation.
    • -Dr Accetta devised an experiment to validate his hypothesis.
    • Dr Accetta then drew a valid conclusion on the basis of his experiment, proving his original hypothesis.
  7. No other scientists have come even close in demonstrating a mechanism which can be scientifically validated for the formation of the Image on the Shroud.
  8. nuclear explosion Dr Accetta’s experiment seems to us to prove conclusively that the Image of the Shroud could only have been formed by a transient burst of nuclear radiation, similar to the image formation of an X-ray.
  9. The only event that we know about that could have caused such radiation is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  10. If indeed radiation was emitted at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ then there should be some evidence of this.
  11. We believe there is such evidence, in the additional radioactive C-14 discovered at the Carbon Dating of the Shroud.
  12. We will later explain our understanding of Carbon Dating.
  13. We will also our own theory of the Image formation on the Shroud
  14. We will also explain how we believe that the date extrapolated from the Carbon Dating experiment of 1988, was incorrectly interpreted.
  15. In this 1988 experiment, the date given to the Shroud, according to the scientist, was A.D. 1325 , with a latitude of 65 years younger or older.
  16. We actually believe that this incorrect date of A.D. 1260 – 1390 actually scientifically proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as we will explain later.

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