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Three dimensional properties of the Shroud

The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection

The three dimensional properties of the Shroud

three doctors On February 19th 1976 the unique Three Dimensional properties of the Shroud were discovered by Dr John Jackson, Dr Eric Jumper Rev Dr. Kenneth Stevenson, Giles Charter and Peter Shumacher of the Colorado USAF STURP team, using a VP8 NASA 3 dimensional computer designed for NASA and the Gemini space project. The experiment was performed at Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dr. John Jackson, is a former physics Professor at the US Air Force Academy, Colorado, and founder of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, P.O.Box 25326, Colorado Springs,
CO 80918, USA
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The images on a VP8 Image Analysing Computer

a satellite in orbit The VP8 Image Analysing Computer was originally designed to create a three dimensional image of serial images, and used for military purposes.

NASA was interested in images taken by satellite, of the reverse side of the moon. The image formed on the VP-8 Image Analysing Computer are created by computer analysis of serial photographs taken by an orbiting satellite. The images are formed by the computer processing of multiple images normally taken, in this case, by a space telescope. Multiple images of the moon taken by a space telescope can be processed by the VP8 computer, and a three dimensional image of the moon computed and displayed on a computer monitor.

VP8 analysis of the Shroud of Turin showed a three dimensional image

3d face image on from the shroud In 1976 the team discovered that a photograph of the Shroud produced a three dimensional image when placed under a VP8 Image Analysing Computer. The three dimensional face and body of the Man of the Shroud, produced by the VP-8 computer, can be clearly seen.

This discovery implies that the Shroud uniquely has distance imaging information embedded in the image, which was only discovered by NASA researchers in 1976!

This implies that the photograph of the Shroud, unlike any known simple photograph, drawing or painting, was “dimensionally encoded.”

Explanation of Dimensional encoding of the image on the Shroud

full body 3d image The fact that the VP-8 Distance imaging computer reveals that the shroud has encoded distance imaging information leads us to the following conclusions:

  1. Distance imaging information was somehow encoded within the image on the Shroud, at its formation.
  2. The image originally came from a three dimensional subject.
  3. This alone virtually guarantees that the Shroud is not a painting of any sort at all.
  4. The photograph of the Shroud is the only known two dimensional image on Planet Earth that displays this amazing property.
  5. Since the VP8 Image Analysing Computer technology was not invented until 1976, it seems inconceivable that Leonardo da Vinci, or any other mediaeval artist, would be technically able to create such an image using a technology that would not be discovered for a further 4 centuries! Where would he start?
  6. For example, if the greatest group of scientists in the world today were asked to create an image, using technology unavailable until 400 years later, where would they start?

There is no paint at all on the Shroud. The image appears to have been scorched onto the cloth, with the scorching affecting the top few fibrils of cloth only. The team believed that radiation was involved in the formation of the image.

The image is really a three dimensional topographic image. The closer the cloth was to the body, the more the image was highlighted. The image then acts like photographic negative, with light and dark reversed, but dimensionally encoded.

It therefore seems probable that the Shroud of Turin was the very first photograph ever produced, by Jesus Christ Himself, at His Resurrection! We will explain out theory about this later.


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