Jesus carrying his cross

Research into dirt on the Shroud

The Shroud of Turin proves the Resurrection

Research into dirt found on the Shroud

Jesus carrying his cross Two scientists researched the minute quantities of dirt found on the Shroud. They were:

  • Joseph Kohlbeck, a scientist at the Hercules Aerospace Center, Utah
  • Richard Levi-Setti, a scientist at the University of Chicago

The concluded that dirt from the roads of Jerusalem (Travertine Aragonite) may be found on the Shroud on the following parts of Jesus’ Body:

  1. The nose
  2. The left knee-cap
  3. 3. Both heel

The dirt on the nose and the left knee cap is almost certainly dirt from the road, as Jesus fell under the weight of the heavy cross beam tied over His shoulders.

The dirt on the heel area was probably collected as Jesus stood at Calvary (a quarry area in Northern Jerusalem near Golgotha) waiting to be executed by Crucifixion. Joseph Kohlbeck and Richard Levi-Setti compared dirt samples taken from the Shroud with limestone from ancient Jerusalem tombs.

Joseph Kolbeck stated: “There might be other places in the world where identical travertine aragonite is found. However, no such places are known.” It therefore seems very likely that the Shroud originally came from Jerusalem.

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