4. Scientific Tests Prove that the Shroud of Turin is Authentic, Dr Richard Kent

Why the Shroud of Turin is Authentic


4, Multiple Scientific tests prove that the Shroud of Turin is the authentic Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ, with Dr Richard Kent00:34: 🔬 Scientific evidence supports authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, as discussed by Dr. Richard Kent.

• 00:34: The Shroud of Turin has been extensively researched and is controversial.

• 02:03: The Shroud adds to the scientific evidence of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.

• 02:16: The Shroud of Turin is considered historically authentic by many scholars.

• 03:48: A research team of over 20 specialists studied the Shroud, including non-believers, in 1978.

• 03:57: The Vatican permitted the Shroud to be studied by the Shroud of Turin Research Project.

• 04:05: Various experts from different fields examined the Shroud, providing strong evidence for its authenticity.

• 04:19: Dr. John Jackson of NASA led the research team.

4:31: ⚛️ Scientific experts affirm authenticity of the Shroud of Turin through specialized analysis.

• 4:31: Experts from different fields validate the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

• 5:51: Specialist photographer Barry Schwartz attests to the uniqueness of the Shroud’s image.

• 6:49: Expert in ancient textiles, Dr. Mechthild Flury-Lemberg, confirms the first-century origin of the Shroud.

• 8:02: Forensic pathologist Dr. Robert Bucklin concludes that the Man in the Shroud is Jesus Christ.

.8:59: 🔬 Scientific evidence supports the authenticity of Shroud of Turin through detailed analysis of the Image of a crucified Man, with a crown of thorns, and missing thumbs.

• 8:59: Detailed analysis of the crucified Man. Image reveals specific injuries consistent with crucifixion.

• 10:15: the Crown of Thorns on the Shroud differs from medieval depictions, indicating authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

• 11:18: Missing thumbs on the image agree with forensic pathology, and these details unlikely to be known by forger.

• 12:27: Botanical analysis by Dr. Max Fry and Professor Danin supports the Shroud’s origin in first century Israel, and also in Jerusalem.

13:50: 🔬 Scientific evidence supports the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, including the unique 3-Dimensional Image of Jesus.

• 13:50: Pollen found on the Shroud matches Middle Eastern plants found only in Israel.

• 14:11: Specific pollen found on the Shroud confirm that the Shroud was once in Jerusalem, at Passover.

• 15:23: The NASA VP8 computer revealing unique 3D image on the Shroud.

• 16:52: Shroud’s 3D image cannot be replicated by modern technology, and baffles scientists.

• 17:22: Shroud contains dimensionally encoded information still not fully understood.

• 17:55: No scientist today can produce 3-D image from a 2-D cloth, as the Shroud does.

18:24: 🔬 Scientific evidence supports Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, and confirms Christ’s Resurrection.

• 18:24: A Nuclear Collimator would be needed for 3-D image production, and has not yet been invented.

• 19:00: The Image on Shroud of Turin could only have been created by radiation.

• 20:59: Research on Shroud of Oviedo in Spain demonstrates exact similarities to the Shroud of Turin

• 21:38: Blood marks on both cloths suggest that they both covered the same Face.

• 22:06: The Shroud of Oviedo’s history dates back to 600 A.D., confirming the ancient origin of the Shroud.

22:32: 🔍 Scientific evidence supporting the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin revealed through various tests and discoveries.

• 22:32: Coins minted by Pontius Pilate in AD 29 found over the eyes, dating the Shroud to between AD 29 to AD 33.

• 23:54: Presence of faint Image of Jesus Christ’s face on the back of the Shroud

• 25:17: Discovery of Calcium Aragonite, unique to Jerusalem, on the Shroud’s nose, heels, and knees

26:53: 🔬 Scientific evidence supports the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

• 27:00: Research by eminent scientists from different fields lend credibility to the Shroud’s Authenticity.

• 27:35: The Shroud of Turin and another Shroud of Oviedo in Spain share the same blood type, and identical stains.

• 28:17: Discussion in the next programme on the Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection, as revealed in the Shroud of Turin. Recapped

• MULTIPLE SCIENTIFIC TESTS PROVE THAT … For further information about the Shroud of Turin, please visit Dr Richard Kent’s website https://drrichardkent.org/category/sh…God bless you, Richard Dr Richard Kent

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