Dr Richard Kent’s wife, Valerie Kent, describes a miraculous healing of blindness in her left eye!


Embracing the Healing Power: A Testimony of Miraculous Restoration

Introduction: A Worship to a Powerful and Healing God

Allow me to share a remarkable testimony of healing that echoes the power and grace of our Almighty God. Our discussion revolves around the profound ways God intervenes in healing, particularly in cases of rheumatoid arthritis and a miraculous recovery from a central retinal vein thrombosis.

A Double Testimony: Healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Derek, it’s awe-inspiring to acknowledge the divine intervention in healing rheumatoid arthritis. My personal journey attests to the transformative healing power of God. Eleven years ago, I faced a central retinal vein thrombosis, a clot behind the eye, threatening my very existence.

The Healing Journey: Standing Firm on God’s Promises

The medical prognosis was grim – irreversible loss of sight in my left eye. Faced with this daunting diagnosis, I had a choice: believe the earthly verdict or trust in the unwavering promises of the Bible. The scriptures declare, “By his stripes, you were healed,” and my spirit resonated with the assurance that God is a consistent healer, unchanging yesterday, today, and forever.

Standing on God’s Word: A Resolute Decision

Armed with healing scriptures, my husband and I delved into prayer, proclaiming God’s promises over my condition. Despite not seeing immediate results, I resolved to stand firm on God’s word, anticipating the day when my left eye would regain its sight.

Faith Amidst Medical Scrutiny: A Nine-Month Journey

Medical examinations became frequent as doctors sought to understand this unusual case. For nine months, the eye condition remained unchanged. Undeterred, I persisted in faith, knowing that divine healing transcends medical explanations.

The Miraculous Turning Point: A Testimony Beyond Explanation

The turning point came unexpectedly. During a routine examination, I read an eye chart flawlessly. Astonished, the consultant questioned my integrity, suspecting foul play. Unfazed, I read a new chart effortlessly, leaving medical professionals astounded.

Divine Intervention: The Disappearance of Thrombosis

Hooked up to an eye examination machine, the consultants unveiled a photograph showing the initial central retinal vein thrombosis. However, to their disbelief, the condition had vanished. My sight was restored, and the inexplicable healing left the medical community in awe.

Understanding God’s Purpose: Drawing Parallel with Biblical Narratives

Reflecting on this miraculous healing, I received insight from John chapter 9, where Jesus healed a blind man. The disciples questioned the cause of his blindness, and Jesus responded that it was for the works of God to be revealed. Similarly, my healing stands as a testament to God’s glory and the manifestation of His miraculous power.

Defying Medical Expectations: Addressing Scepticism

Annual eye tests, met with scepticism, reveal the remnants of scarring. The medical professionals find it hard to believe in the disappearance of the retinal vein thrombosis. Yet, the testimony stands, attesting to the incomprehensible and transformative healing power of our heavenly Father.

Conclusion: A Testimony of Divine Healing

In conclusion, this testimony echoes the resounding truth that God is indeed a healing God. Val’s journey stands as a testament to the miraculous restoration of sight and the unfathomable ways in which God works beyond human understanding. While time permits only one testimony today, countless others bear witness to the incredible healing grace of our Lord.

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