When was Jesus Christ addressed as “My Lord” for the first time?

The Conception of Jesus Christ: Unveiling Scriptural Insights and Astronomical Signs

In exploring the conception of Jesus Christ, we find compelling evidence within scriptures and astronomical phenomena, as eloquently detailed by Derek. Notably, our focus is on the profound events that unfolded in the immediate two weeks following Jesus’ conception on January 6th, BC.

Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth: A Divine Encounter

In late January of 2 BC, Mary, likely a teenager and certainly a virgin, visited her cousin Elizabeth. According to the scriptures, John the Baptist, Elizabeth’s son, was already six months old in her womb. This remarkable revelation underscores the dual miraculous conceptions of the two pivotal figures in the New Testament – John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

The Supernatural Conceptions Unveiled

John the Baptist, in Elizabeth’s womb, and Jesus Christ, conceived in the virgin Mary, both embody miraculous conceptions. The Virgin birth of Jesus and Elizabeth’s conception in her old age, despite being barren, exemplify divine interventions in the course of history.

The Betrothal of Joseph and Mary in Nazareth

In January 2 BC, Joseph and Mary, residing in Nazareth, were betrothed, a formal engagement lasting up to 12 months. Nazareth, though different from its modern appearance, set the stage for the unfolding events.

Gabriel’s Annunciation to Mary: A Divine Message

The pivotal moment occurred when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, a virgin engaged to Joseph. The Holy Spirit’s overshadowing led to the miraculous conception, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 about the Virgin conceiving Immanuel – “God With Us.”

Joseph’s Dream: Affirmation of the Miraculous Conception

Joseph, learning of Mary’s pregnancy, contemplated breaking the engagement quietly. However, an angelic dream reassured him, affirming the Holy Spirit’s role in conceiving the child within Mary.

Mary’s Journey to Judea: A Quest for Understanding

Facing the societal penalty of stoning for extramarital relations, Mary, driven by fear, sought refuge with her cousin Elizabeth in Judea. The urgency stemmed from Elizabeth’s own supernatural conception and the safety it offered Mary.

Elizabeth’s Prophetic Utterance: A Profound Acknowledgment

In January 2 BC, Mary, carrying the two-week-old Jesus, arrived at Elizabeth’s house. The moment was extraordinary as, filled with the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth addressed the tiny Jesus in Mary’s womb as “my Lord.”

A Profound Revelation: Baby Jesus Acknowledged as Lord

The profundity lies in Elizabeth recognizing Jesus as Lord when he was merely two weeks old in the womb. This extraordinary acknowledgment emphasizes the divine nature of Jesus Christ, setting the stage for the miraculous events that would unfold.

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