Life Starts at Conception

Life: A Biblical Perspective

Hello, my name is Richard Kent. Today, I want to delve into the concept of life, particularly its inception at conception. Under British law, life is recognized as commencing at 24 weeks in the womb. However, according to the Scriptures, life begins at conception. Let’s explore this notion further through biblical references.

The Biblical Evidence:

In James chapter 2, we are told that the body without the Spirit is dead. I aim to elucidate this with three illustrations from the Scriptures.

1. The Story of Jairus’s Daughter (Luke 8):

In this narrative, we encounter Jairus’s daughter, a twelve-year-old girl who was pronounced dead. Despite the skepticism of onlookers, Jesus proclaimed that she was merely asleep. Jesus then summoned her spirit back into her body, and she was restored to life. This incident demonstrates the vital role of the spirit in animating the body.

2. The Creation of Adam (Genesis 2):

Genesis recounts how God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life, thereby endowing him with a living spirit. Adam’s body was life less until imbued with the spirit, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between body and spirit.

3. The Death of Jesus on the Cross:

During the crucifixion, Jesus surrendered his spirit, signifying the departure of his life force from his physical body. This separation underscores the essential connection between spirit and life.

Implications of Conception as the Starting Point of Life:

At conception, the union of genetic material from both parents occurs, forming a complete set of chromosomes encoding the blueprint for human life. However, crucially, this single cell is not merely a biological entity but also harbors an indwelling spirit. Without this spirit, the cell would remain lifeless. Thus, the infusion of spirit at conception is pivotal in initiating life.


Understanding that life begins at conception, rather than at 24 weeks or birth, carries profound implications. It recalibrates our perception of age and underscores the sanctity of life from its earliest stages. Thank you for considering this perspective on the inception of life.

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