Planet Earth was never Molten

Unlocking the Truth: Planet Earth’s Origin Unveiled

Greetings, I’m Richard Kent, and today I want to debunk a common misconception about our planet’s history. Contrary to popular teachings in schools and universities, Planet Earth was never molten. Let’s explore what the Scriptures reveal in Genesis 1 to unravel the truth.

The Scriptural Insight

In Genesis 1:2, we find a profound statement – “The Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters.” This signifies the beginning of creation, with two-thirds of our current Earth covered in water. Initially, the entire planet was submerged, and the Holy Spirit, none other than Jesus Christ, orchestrated this divine act. (John 1:3)

The Scriptures further emphasize in 2 Peter 3:5 that the Earth stood out of the water and in the water. Now, notice there’s no mention of steam – only water. The prevailing atheistic narrative of a molten Earth evolving from a Big Bang is misguided.

Challenging the Big Bang Theory

According to the atheistic narrative, around 4.5 billion years ago, our planet was molten, and the first oceans appeared 3.8 billion years ago. However, this notion contradicts the Scriptural account. To delve into this further, let’s turn to Robert Gentry’s fascinating work titled “Creation’s Tiny Mystery.”

Polonium Halos: A Geological Revelation

Gentry’s study of igneous rocks, particularly granite, across the globe unveils an intriguing feature – polonium halos. Polonium, a short-lived radioactive element, undergoes decay, emitting radioactivity visible as polonium halos in granite.

Understanding Polonium Halos

Imagine a dissolvable tablet in a glass of water – analogous to polonium in granite. If you freeze the water, you’ll observe the tablet’s presence. However, when the water returns to room temperature, the tablet dissolves, leaving no trace. Similarly, if Earth had been molten, all the polonium in granite would have melted, erasing polonium halos.

Embracing the Scriptural Truth

The absence of molten-induced polonium halos affirms the Scriptural account – “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” There was no Big Bang, and certainly, no molten Earth.

Thank you for exploring this revelation with me. May the truth guide and bless you.

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