Our Sympathetic Nervous System is Miraculous

Unveiling the Marvel: Sympathetic Nervous System

Hello, I’m Richard Kent, and today, I want to unravel the fascinating world of our sympathetic nervous system—a divine provision for emergencies. Let’s explore the remarkable scenarios where this system comes into play, shedding light on the protective mechanisms crafted by God.

Battlefield Resilience: Endorphins and Raised Pain Threshold

Imagine a battlefield, where soldiers face serious injuries, yet remarkably, they can’t feel the pain. This phenomenon arises from the release of endorphins in the brain, elevating the pain threshold. In the face of danger, a wounded soldier, unaware of the injury’s severity, presses on, highlighting the crucial role of the sympathetic nervous system in critical situations.

Wilderness Encounter: Fight-or-Flight with a Wild Bear

Picture yourself strolling through the Canadian woods when suddenly, a wild bear emerges. Your sympathetic nervous system springs into action, triggering the fight-or-flight reaction. Adrenaline and noradrenaline, potent hormones, surge from the super renal cortex above the kidney. The orchestrated response includes pupil dilation for enhanced vision, accelerated heart rate to boost oxygen supply, bronchi dilation for increased lung efficiency, and a halt in digestion and excretion. Additionally, glycogen transforms into instant energy, providing a surge of glucose to muscles, lungs, brain, and heart. This intricate response, finely tuned by God, reflects the intricate design of our bodies to navigate perilous situations.

The Instantaneous Guardian: Protective Mechanisms at Work

The sympathetic reaction occurs swiftly and instinctively, often before conscious thought. Consider the scenario of touching a hot pan while cooking—the hand withdraws instantaneously, preventing severe burns. These protective mechanisms, woven into our existence, manifest in various everyday situations, showcasing God’s care for our well-being.

God’s Ingenious Design: Beyond Evolutionary Explanations

Contrary to evolutionary perspectives, these protective mechanisms are not products of evolution but integral components designed by God from the beginning. God’s care is evident in the intricate and instant responses that safeguard us from harm. Reflect on these marvels, and recognize the divine wisdom woven into our very being.

In conclusion, the sympathetic nervous system stands as a testament to God’s ingenious design, offering protection and resilience in the face of danger. Thank you for exploring this captivating aspect of our physiology with me. God bless you.

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