How can a newly created Young Earth be Mature?

The Mature Earth: Unveiling God’s Timeless Creation

Hello, I’m Richard Kent, and today let’s explore a fascinating concept that may not have crossed your mind—6,000 years ago, God fashioned a mature planet Earth, complete with a mature Adam, Eve, and the flourishing Garden of Eden, adorned with fully grown plants, flowers, and industrious bees. Let’s delve into the scriptural foundation of the Earth’s age and unravel the concept of a mature universe.

The Scriptural Timeframe: 6,000 Years of Creation

According to the Book of Luke, a genealogical journey unfolds, revealing 77 generations from God to Jesus Christ, spanning approximately 4,000 years. Jesus, who graced Earth about 2,000 years ago, completes the timeline, pointing to a span of 6,000 years from Adam to the present. Mark 10 and Matthew 19 further affirm that Adam and Eve were part of the creation at its inception, marking the Earth’s age at 6,000 years.

A Misconception of Time

As we explore the vastness of the cosmos, the misconception arises when considering the time it takes for light to traverse astronomical distances. Light, traveling at 186,000 miles per second, takes mere minutes to reach Earth from the Sun, but when gazing at distant stars or nebulae, the journey spans years or even thousands of years. It’s crucial to grasp the concept of time beyond our conventional dimensions of height, width, and depth.

The Fourth Dimension: Time

Understanding the fourth dimension, time, is pivotal. While the Eagle Nebula may seem distant, taking thousands of years for its light to reach Earth, God, existing beyond our dimensions, created it simultaneously with the mature world of Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago. This challenges the linear perspective of time held by evolutionists.

Maturity in Creation: A Divine Design

God’s creation was not a gradual unfolding but an intricate masterpiece manifested in maturity. Adam and Eve enjoyed mature fruits, fully blossomed flowers, and buzzing bees in a garden that needed no waiting for growth. Embracing the concept of a mature creation is crucial, yet challenging for some, as it contrasts with conventional evolutionary views.

The Coming Millennium: A Glimpse into the Future

Looking ahead, we anticipate a millennium where Jesus Christ will reign on Earth for a thousand years, concluding the 7,000-year timeline. Beyond this awaits a new heaven and a new earth, replacing the current universe. This divine plan transcends evolutionary beliefs, challenging the very core of their worldview.

In closing, trust in the truth revealed in scriptures, as the Bible unfolds the narrative of a purposefully created and mature universe. Evolution, deemed a belief system, pales in comparison to the profound truths embedded in God’s Word. Thank you for listening, and may the wisdom of divine creation guide your understanding.

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