Further Discussion Of The Big Bang Theory

Galaxies There are only two generally accepted world views:

1. The Biblical world view: The Bible states that God created the Universe in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

2. The Humanists world view: In the Humanist Manifesto 1, of 1933, Tenant stated that, “Humanists regard the Universe as self existing and not created.”

The Origin of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang idea began with a Belgian astronomer, Georges Edward LeMaitre (1894-1966).
According to Isaac Asimov, LeMaitre conceived this mass to be “no more than a few light-years in diameter” in 1955.

Definition of Mass: According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, “Mass is a coherent body of matter with no definite shape”.

Bolton Davidheiser has stated the following:

  • In 1955 according to Isaac Asimov, LeMaitre originally conceived the diameter of the mass to be a minimum of two light-years, or about twelve trillion miles.
  • By 1965 that figure was reduced to 275 million miles.
  • By 1974 to 54 thousand miles.
  • By 1983 to “a trillionth the diameter of a proton,”
  • Now the mass is considered to be infinitesimally small. It is known as a “singularity”!

By observing these points above we note that Evolutionists beliefs concerning the Origins of the Universe are hardly consistent over a mere 60 years! The supposed Origins of the Universe have changed from a mass twelve trillion miles in diameter, to a mass infinitesimally small!

We do not personally believe that such massive variations in the Big Bang Theory provides the Big Bang theory with any credibility at all!

We would also like to point out that these massive variations of this core belief occurred over a mere sixty years, at the time of the origin of this new belief system!

Conversely the Bible remains totally consistent about the origins of the Universe, over the entire Bible. For further information please visit Creation: The Genesis Account on this web site.

According to Evolutionists the whole Universe evolved from nothing

“The observable Universe could have evolved from an infinitesimal region. It is then tempting to go one step further and speculate that the entire Universe evolved from literally nothing,” Quoted from Alan Guth & P. Steinhardt, Scientific American, May 1984 p.12.

We would like to highlight the speculation involved in the Big Bang Theory in the above quotation!

According to all scientists, the Universe is expanding. According to proponents of the Big Bang Theory this means that the Universe must have once been much smaller, and that the expanding mass of the Universe, including Space and Time, can therefore extrapolated back to nothing, a “singularity”.

According to Evolutionists, the Universe began as a gigantic explosion from the singularity. The singularity is now considered to be mass infinitesimally small. The singularity span faster and faster, and eventually exploded. During the explosion, pieces flew off, and became suns, stars, planets, comets and asteroids.

We would like to point out that the Big Bang Theory is a theory, according to its name! It has always referred to as the Big Bang Theory, never as the Big Bang Fact! No Evolutionist was present at this supposed event, which is now taught as fact in most schools and universities.

Both Creation and Evolution are belief systems, otherwise known as religions!

  • Both the Biblical Creation world views and the Evolutionary world view are both belief systems which ultimately have to be accepted by faith in the most likely event.
  • However, there is not a level playing field, because News media and textbooks always try to present Evolution as a modern science, and Creation as an outdated old fashioned religion.
  • The unspoken message is that Evolution is part of science, and that Creation is not scientific.
  • Nothing could be further from the truth, as we hope to demonstrate. In fact, both Evolution and Creation are both belief systems, which broadly come under the heading of religions!
  • The question is not which is scientific, because neither Creation nor Evolution can be replicated in a laboratory.
  • The question is actually which belief system, Creation or Evolution, is correct.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that everything tends toward disorder, however, the “Big Bang” theory claims that an explosion created everything.

  • Cosmic Dust Evolutionists believe that the entire solar system was formed from clouds of gas and dust, which derived ultimately from nothing.
  • his belief is opposed to the First Law of Thermodynamics.
  • Evolutionists believe that if energy is added it will increase order, and reverse Entropy.
  • This is opposed to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  • If the Big Bang Theory actually happened, as taught by Evolutionists, then the Sun, planets, comets, and the Moon should be made of similar elements.
  • In fact, we know that the Sun is 98% Hydrogen or Helium.
  • In fact, we know that the Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury all contain less than 1% Hydrogen or Helium.
  • The Law of Conversation of Angular Momentum, discussed below, causes very major problems for the credibility of the Big Bang Theory.
  • Observations of our Solar System do NOT support the big Bang Theory.

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