Unexplained Observations About The Planets Saturn And Jupiter

Saturn Saturn’s rings are unstable and cannot be billions of years old.

The planet Saturn has rings around it, but these rings are unstable. They are moving away from the planet, and Saturn is loosing its rings. At the current rate of movement of Saturn’s rings, they could have been there for only a few thousand years. If the Universe was billions of years old, Saturn’s rings would have disappeared into space billions of years ago. This is explained in the following books:

  • “See It’s a Young World After All”, by Paul Ackerman.
  • “In the Beginning”, by Walt Brown pp.29 & 69.

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede has a strong magnetic field.

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is still hot. A small moon should not be hot after billions of years, any more than our own moon. This certainly does not support the theory of an old universe.

This subject is discussed in the following article: “Magnetic fields are generated by the liquid motion of molten metal inside a body. Yet Ganymede should have cooled solid billions of years ago.” Quoted from Denver Post December 13, 1996, “Jupiter Probe detects mysterious moon dust”, by K.C. Cole.

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