Evolution Of Beak

The Different Types Of Evolution

The following types of Evolution are described:

Evolution Of Beak

  1. Cosmic Evolution: The origin of time, space and matter, by the Big Bang
  2. Chemical Evolution: The origin of higher elements from hydrogen.
  3. Stellar and Planetary Evolution: The origin of stars and planets.
  4. Organic Evolution: The origin of Life.
  5. Macro-Evolution: The changing from one kind of species to another kind of species.
  6. Micro-Evolution: The variation within kinds of species.

Observations about the different types of Evolution

  • Of the above supposed 6 types of Evolution, only the last one, Micro-Evolution, has ever been observed.
  • The other 5 types of Evolution are part of the Theory of Evolution.
  • The other 5 types of Evolution are all theoretical, and have never been observed.
  • They cannot be reproduced in a laboratory, and do not therefore fall under the strict definition of a science.
  • They are in fact a belief system, taught in countless schools and universities in the world.
  • Sadly they are taught as fact, even though the factual content of the Theory of Evolution cannot be proved or disproved, since nobody was present, and these beliefs cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.

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